End of an Era

I’m sitting in my office, my new office…well my new office for 2 days finishing up business here at SCC. The setup of the new Registrar’s office is that I’m sitting up front like a fricking secretary, while my boss is down a long hall in an office. I’m being extremely mature about this (even though I already quit).
“Hello, this is Olivia”
“Olivia, this is Jim Donaldson, EDD Director for the US, we’ve had some complaints about fraud in your office.”
“Uh, what?”
“Also I have a report here that says you have syphillis”
“Contracted from a monkey by the looks of it.”
“Shame on you. Tsk, tsk, tsk.”
“Do you have anything actual to report?”
“Yes, I was wondering if the weather down the hall was also sunny and breezy and there’s a Mr. Puff the Magic Dragon on line 7.”

So this is pretty much how I’m filling my last day here, and I suppose then that it follows that I could do a news update, so I’ll do that in a second. Last night we all went to LA to see The Lion King at the Pantages Theatre and it was amazing. Never seen a Broadway show before and it was just fantastic. We didn’t get back until 1 am, so that may be a contributing factor in my general….idiocy here at work today. I will not miss this place at all, but I will miss my boss, who in addition to being my boss (I call her “chief” to annoy her) is a loyal and fantastic friend and I will miss harrassing her 40 hours a week a lot. She’s made this stupid place almost bearable, which if you knew the kiddie pool I’m playing in here…says a lot.

Penultimate Work Day

Today’s my second to last day here at Summit. I start Monday at Loma Linda assuming that they can figure out how to squeeze my physical and HR paperwork into the next few days. My department at SCC is also moving to a new office (where I would have been stuck out front as the receptionist if I’d stayed….which would have spun me into a level of pissed off I’ve never attained before…so I’m sitting amongst boxes and chaos. Half day today. Half day tomorrow and the Summit era closes. Thank God. Not that I’m ungrateful for the friends I do have here, but this place was eating me alive. I have actually no clue what LLU will be like, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say better than this. Off to LA tonight to see The Lion King at the Pantages, so no news til tomorrow.

Renaissance News Report

Bad couple of days to be famous. High mortality rate from all appearances.
*President Gerald Ford passed away at 95, the longest lived President in US history. Ford was also the only unelected President in US history, being nominated as Vice-President after the resignation of Spiro Agnew, and then made President by the resignation of Richard Nixon. Ford’s body will lie in state in the Capitol rotunda before a state funeral next week.

*The names and urine samples of about 100 Major League Baseball players who tested positive three years ago can be used by federal investigators, a court ruled Wednesday — a decision that could have implications for Barry Bonds.

*The state Supreme Court on Wednesday publicly reprimanded Ohio Gov. Bob Taft for his ethics violations in office, a black mark that will stay on his permanent record as an attorney.

*A new airport screening machine that peers through travelers’ clothing has been modified so it won’t show intimate body parts when it’s tested at a U.S. airport for the first time starting next month…..why can’t I think of a joke for this? I’m pissed now.

*Polar bears are in deep trouble because of global warming and other factors and deserve federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, the Bush administration is proposing Wednesday.

*A Japanese woman charged with inflicting injury on her neighbor by blasting rock music at her house for 2½ years was given a 20-month prison term, a court official said. To the dude who lives behind me…you are on fricking notice.

*Expectations are high for Germany when it takes over the leadership of the European Union and the chairmanship of the Group of Eight industrial powers on Jan. 1. The dual responsibilities give Germany a chance to play its strongest diplomatic role in years as a leader of key multinational forums. Why are expectations high? Haven’t past German-lead multinational forum been…well, let’s call them somewhat less that stellar.

*Iraqi court officials announced that Saddam Hussein’s hanging will take place within the next 30 days. Think things are crazy now? Hang on and wait for this.

*Former Giants infielder Chris Brown died Tuesday after suffering burns in a kitchen fire.

*Pitcher Jeff Suppan signed a 4 year $42 million deal with the Milwaukee Brewers.

*Apparently not willing to wait for his yearly spring training injury, Reds outfielder, Ken Griffey Jr. broke his hand and now his status is “cloudy”.

*The Red Sox and Yankees are the only teams to exceed baseball’s salary limit and are forced to pay the luxury tax.

*The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, passed away from complications from pneumonia at the age of 71. Within two days, Spike Lee already is working on a biopic. Ah synergy.

*Dreamgirls had the third biggest opening in Christmas day history pulling in $9.6 million.

*Casino Royale passed Die Another Day as the most successful James Bond film in box office history.

*Tyler Man, who played Sabretooth in X-Men, will be the new Michael Myers in the next Halloween movie.

Back to Reality

So how was your Christmas? Good? Can’t beat mine, cuz I got a motherload of stuff. First, to the issue of the long-debated big box. Angie and her friend Maria got me a star. There is now a binary star in the Orion belt named after me and my lovely Jannie. In the big box was a giant telescope so I can look at the star…and play Rear Window with my neighbors. See, I have this fascination with space. I wanted desperately to be an astronaut when I grew up, but
1. I’m too tall
2. I know nothing about science and have 0 aptitude for it
3. I’m claustrophobic
So not so much with that dream, but the girls got me this and told me that now I can go to space even though I can’t be an astronaut. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. In addition to that I got blessed with a ton of stuff, including a Superman Returns poster signed by the whole cast for my movie room. I am really, really blessed and my holiday was a relaxing time for me to enjoy that.

Today I’m back here at work, and now everyone knows I’m leaving so I have to interrupt my work (and I actually am busy setting up things for Olivia once I leave) every two seconds to have a heart-to-heart with someone about my leaving. I care about literally 3 people here, and they already know. The rest is an annoying waste of my limited supply of sincerity. So back to work!