The Terminator

So I’m the Assistant Registrar at Summit Career College. Basically, what that means is that I babysit about 1100 nursing students that weren’t bright enough to get into community college through their various life crises. Here’s an example: “I’m pregnant, homeless, my boyfriend is abusing me/drugs or me AND drugs, plus my car exploded so I’m pretty sure I can’t make it to class.” It’s fun. So every day there are anywhere from 2-10 of the little darlings that I have to terminate. “Terminate” means “expel” but SCC policy somehow thinks that a verb from a Schwarzenegger movie is more comforting. I have 8 people to terminate right now, so I’m going to go ahead and do that, knowing full well that they’ll wander in some time in the next week puzzled as hell as to why they’re not students here anymore.

4 thoughts on “The Terminator”

  1. Hmmm, well pick your choice off the buffet. I’ve termed people for the following:
    1. Not calling or showing for 5 days
    2. Not showing for 14 days
    3. Not returning after a leave of absence
    4. Flunking out of school
    5. Cheating
    6. Helping cheating
    7. Flunking the drug test at your extern sites
    8. Stealing
    9. Fighting
    10. Threatening with bodily harm members of the staff (personal favorite)


    1. Dude, sounds like a fun job to me. 😛 As long as you are dealing with someone else’s drama, you don’t have to deal with your own. BTW, hit the “reply to this” so that I get an email.


      1. Actually, when you’ve been threatened with a pair of scissors by one of the mothers of the students you’ve termed, it gets less fun. I swear this job is more social worker than registrar.


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