Screw the Christmas Party, I’m GOING TO DISNEYLAND!

Tonight is Summit’s annual Christmas party, where everyone gathers at a hotel and gets tremendously loaded. I will, however, be wearing an absurd hat and walking around the Magic Kingdom. Jan and I have annual passes to Disneyland and we can pretty much go whenever we want. Disney changes the whole park for Christmas: the Haunted Mansion is all done up with Nightmare Before Christmas characters, Small World is different, and it snows on Main Street after the fireworks show. This sounds like much more fun to me than wearing formal clothes and making small talk with people that I 95% despise. Plus, given that people in my office are fired over things beyond trivial, I don’t think it’s that great an idea to get loaded in front of the pinheads who do the firing. So screw that, I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!

5 thoughts on “Screw the Christmas Party, I’m GOING TO DISNEYLAND!”

      1. Re: Dear Santa . . .

        THE redhead already has quite a collection of differently styled mouse ears with HER name on them. However, since she’s quite a kind hearted soul, she’ll be going back to Disneyland this Friday and she just might pick some up for you, the OTHER redhead. 😀 Lol.


      2. Re: Dear Santa . . .

        Ok, so you can be THE redhead of the West coast and I’ll be THE redhead of the East coast, how’s that? When we meet in the middle, you get to be THE redhead b/c you’re older and a better canasta player 🙂

        When you guys come for the wedding (and you better come Missy!)we can wear our mouse ears. How’s that for so much cuteness it would make you want to puke? 😛


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