Twas the Day Before the Night Before Christmas….

And all through my house, not a creature is stirring but me. It’s an odd Saturday that finds me the first one to greet it. It’s cold outside (relative to the fact that I live in California) so I’m sitting in front of the computer in layers, downing coffee. My living room has literally 55-60 presents in it. It’s insane. 20 are for me. I think that’s completely reasonable. The suspiciously large present, I have now decided is either a robot slave who will do my bidding or the bodies of one of my enemies….though I find that less likely because no smell emanates from it. Yes…I have reduced myself to smelling the big box since it is too big to shake. I suppose I could jostle it, but then that would be childish. I am off work until Wednesday, which I expect to be a spectacularly unpleasant day, so I am officially deleting it from my mind until then. Probably no news updates until after the holiday because…there’s no news. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and personal robot slaves of your own.