Hell Week Ends!

For the first time in over a month I feel like I can breathe again. Working in a University in May is like working Walmart in December. Non-stop stress and work (the OT was nice, but not THAT nice) and I am glad to be back to my normal routine, which consists of trying to decide which angry rock band to listen to on my ipod while I edit things for professors. Got my bro coming in from Richmond tomorrow, and I’m psyched to see him. Heading up to Magic Mountain on Saturday, assuming we’re not imprisoned for something involving fire by then. Should be posting more regularly and the movie site will get going again. This last month is just a black hole in my memory. I lived through it. Time to breathe again.


I have not posted in God knows how long. I realize this. Basically, my job went from being a 5 on the difficulty scale to a 9 overnight and my bosses (plural because I have 9-12) noticed that I can do more than drink a lot of coffee and make arcane analogies. THEN, my counterpart in the other department had emergency surgery and went out for 8 weeks….during May. May, if you do not work in academia, is like working in a retail store in December. You just want to get through alive. Last week was unpleasant in the extreme. Now we have a Temp! I have him currently doing the most mind numbing thing I could knock off my plate. I also am back in my office this week after having to spend a week in the Dean’s suite, which is like being a bug under a magnifying glass. My brother is whining about my not posting movie reviews on the other site so here’s a quick summary of what I can recall seeing lately:
The Queen: 8/10
Hellboy Sword of Storms: 6/10
The Gathering Storm: 7/10
The Pursuit of Happyness: 8/10.

There. I’m back. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA (maniacal laughter is key when having a temp)