I am an admitted gadget junkie. I like technology. I won’t buy myself pants, but I own a Kindle. I will not pay someone to wash my car, but I will pay for Microsoft points so my avatar can have a lightsaber (which is pretty bitchin’…check it out, gamertag “sleeplessdave”). With the exception of cell phones, which I loathe and will not ever enjoy using, if it’s technology, I want it. That being said, I could probably live without most of it. I remember life before it. The exception would be my iPod. I do not recall the last time I left my house without the DavePod. Yes, I named it the DavePod. Actually it’s the DavePod 3.0 because it’s my third in eight or nine years. It’s a 120GB of instant entertainment that gets me through work, my commute, travel, life, the universe, and everything. I have 5500 songs on there and 2600 movie scenes that I’ve used software of dubious legality to lift from DVDs. I watch Lost on my iPod. Yes I have a TV that is perfectly functional, but in the same way that I bristle at being told on what day to love my spouse, I get irritated having to plan my day around TV viewership. If you have a pod yourself, are you listening to podcasts? If not, why not?!? There are a ton of great podcasts out there on every subject imaginable and they are free! Just to give a quick plug to three of the best that some may not know about:
1. The Bugle-An Audio Newspaper for a Video World: a weekly audio newspaper by The Daily Show’s John Oliver and his friend Andy Zaltzman. Consistently one of the funniest things in all of media and completely overlooked.
2. MYSS-Movies You Should See: for movie lovers this is a great treat. It’s a group of British friends who pick a movie each week and dissect it at length. It’s funny and the films are almost always fantastic. Even when you disagree with them, it’s engaging and makes you feel like you’re talking about movies with a bunch of friends.
3. PTI-Pardon the Interruption: Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser’s sports talk show has been on ESPN for eight years and I’ve either watched or listened to it since the beginning. This is actually how I get 90% of my sports news these days. Both are outstanding sportswriters and have a great rapport on air.

Are you addicted to your pod? What podcasts do you listen to?

One thought on “DavePod”

  1. I cannot leave the house without my PooPod who is now 16 months old and taking over anything climbable in my house. I do not own a SarahPod. If I did, it would get eaten by the PooPod.


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