I wonder how many idiot parents took their kids to this movie thinking it was some kind of normal super hero film. I won’t even get into the fact that it’s rated R and it’s called KICK ASS, for the love of Pete, but I had five-year-olds all over my theatre. This, for those of you have not read the miniseries by Mark Millar (who also wrote Wanted), is not a normal super hero movie. It…ok, I’m trying to think of another way to put this, but really the only way to accurately describe it (and I’m stealing this from a friend) is Kick Ass is some f@@$ed up shit. Pardon the language, but it’s completely true and we’ll just go ahead and invent the acronym FUS for future use.

The basic premise is what would happen if a normal teenager put on a costume and tried to fight crime? The answer, of course, is that he would get the holy hell beat out of him. My problem with the story, and my biggest problem with the movie, is that Millar (as is typical for him) can’t stick to this premise and the movie can’t decide what it wants to be. Is it a super hero film, action film, comedic parody, satire, or all of these at once? The original premise, which is a lot of fun and a good idea, is totally lost by the time the movie’s over. The overall story is faithful to the comic, but with a lot of little changes that I think actually improve the story.

The movie is completely stolen by Hit Girl and Big Daddy, who are vigilantes that gravitate towards Kick Ass once he goes public with his fight on crime. Hit Girl is an 11-year-old sociopath. Are you prepared to see a cute little girl cut up an entire room full of mobsters? How about watching her father shoot her in the chest while she’s wearing kevlar to make her tougher? Oh, how about watching her get in a fist fight with a mobster who repeatedly punches this 11 year old in the face? If these things may bother you, then I have to refer you to my above FUS summary. These aren’t even some of the weirdest things and they are NOTHING compared to some of the stuff in the comic. I apparently have no problem with all of this because when Hit Girl was onscreen, I loved the film. I love Nic Cage’s Big Daddy and how he adopted this horrible Shatneresque voice for when he was in costume. They completely overshadow the rest of the movie. I wanted more of them.

What I liked: the action scenes were outstanding, there were some truly funny moments, and have I mentioned how awesome Hit Girl is? What I didn’t: pointless crudity (yeah even in a movie like this), the meandering tone of the film, pop culture references that will date it, and some annoying song choices to underscore action scenes. Know what you’re walking into with it, and you’ll have some fun. Most people who do seem to like it even more than I do, but don’t fool yourselves….this is some FUS.

4 thoughts on “Kick-Ass”

  1. Dave,Couldn't agree with you more here on the "FUS". I enjoyed the flick but really thought they took 'some' things a bit 'too' far. I loved Hit Girl myself but hearing an 11 year old spew out words like "C*nt" and "Motherf*cker" etc. etc. and blow countless heads off made me feel a bit 'soiled' for lack of a better word. lol! Still enjoyed it… but felt guilty for doing so! lol!Nice review! My score if you're interested 6/10.Joe D.


  2. If you take your 5 year old to a R rated movie called "Kick Ass", you totally deserve it when they are 10 and look you in the eye while call you an $%#@&!. Or call you at 3am cuz they need bail.


  3. Exactly, which is why you are an excellent father. Of course, if they already start to go sociopath, you may as well start the the kevlar training and get them some butterfly knives.


  4. having been one of the strictest censoring moms still in existence, i have to be fair and point out the studio COMPLETELY marketed this film to a PG audience. my kids are grown now but, if they were teenagers and i wouldve checked out this film, honestly i wouldve been shocked to arrive at the ticket counter and find out the thing even WAS rated R. the only reason i knew what i was getting into was cuz dave had read the series and filled me in on it before we went. i have no doubt i wouldve completely hated and been entirely offended by the whole thing if he it is, i actually liked it a lot more than you did, hon. but you know that. i agree they basically DID become superheroes by the end of the film and, while that might meander a bit from the 'point' at the beginning, i thought it was fitting. i mean, such is the nature of comic book violence and superhero films. lets not forget even batman doesnt have 'super powers' and everything he does is completely impossible.yes, yes, i know….thats the point; batmans world is supposed to be fictional and this was supposed to be 'real world'. but….its not. lol its a movie. and (obviously) not a message movie; one for pure entertainment. and do i think it delivered on that scale? oh HECK yes, i do.i LOVED this movie. i loved everything about it. and i disagree it really belonged only to hit girl and BD; i thought everyone else in it was great too. i even love the way they basically gave red mist his own origin story and set everything up for a sequel. i hope we have one!– janice


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