Hey, Readers

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind comments, emails, etc. I’ve never done much of anything regular with my writing, and for right now this is the vehicle I’m choosing. It’s not the great American novel, but then I’m more of an essay guy anyhow. I would love to see you guys sign up as followers of the site if you haven’t already. All you have to do is click on the Follow button on the side and sign in with an account you’ve already created, be it Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I like to see your beaming faces (or in the case of those who have no icons, your sterling blankness) whenever I’m writing. I know the commenting feature on entries is overcomplex, but if you comment anonymously, just stick your first name at the bottom so I have someone to reply to by name. I want comments, criticism, suggestions, and any other feedback you can offer, so please pile it on!

Thanks again,

2 thoughts on “Hey, Readers”

  1. I want to follow you Dave… lol! via my Facebook account but when I hit 'follow' all I get is options for Google, Yahoo or Twitter. Rats! Perhaps I'll try and dig up my old Yahoo account.Joe D.


  2. yeah this site needs some tweaks. even though i AM a follower and have a yahoo acct, i still cant post messages except under 'anonymous' as it doesnt recognize my url.and i can see that others have the same problem, hence all the anonymous comments.ill try to remember to keep signing mine, though, hon. ;)– janice


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