How to Train Your Dragon

Some movies have amazing trailers that manage to turn truly crap films into these little short film masterpieces. I’m thinking here of the Where the Wild Things Are trailer with Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” playing in the background. It was fantastic. After having seen and disliked the movie, I just decided to keep it on my iPod and to me, that’s the movie. Then there’s the opposite; trailers that are so awful for films that turn out to be brilliant that you nearly miss seeing them. Pixar used to have this problem. Until recently, I used to be sure the next Pixar film was going to be a disaster because the trailers were so mediocre. How to Train Your Dragon had awful trailers and it wasn’t until it got 98% positive on Rotten Tomatoes and my stepdaughter began extolling its virtues that I agreed to go see it.

It’s not a Pixar-level masterpiece by any means, and it’s geared more for younger kids, but man it is amazing looking. The animation is so spectacular that I wish I had seen it in an IMAX to drink even more of it in. The plot is pretty simple. Inexplicably Scottish Vikings have been battling dragons for time on end until Hiccup (yes, that’s his name) bonds with one of the beasts and upsets the whole cart of apples. It’s the kind of movie I wish I had a seven year old nephew to take to, but my siblings have not provided me with one yet. Let’s all just end the review thinking about their failure to breed.

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