Today has been a very bad day, but I ran across this and reminded me I’ve had far worse.

Killing Time

It seems as if I need to explain myself regarding the entire “driving a car through house thing”. Jeez, what about that is not straightforward. Sigh….yeah. Ok see about a year ago I was living in a different house than I currently do and unemployed in the sense that, despite all my efforts, no one would hire me. I mean this as separate from the “I sacrificed a baby seal on my desk so now I’m unemployed” kind of unemployed. The distinction seems petty, but when you’re on month 10 of unemployment, I assure you it matters.

Unemployed Dave around month 10 was having a bit of an ego crisis. I moved to California to be with my lovely and talented fiancee. I had just graduated with my master’s and obviously someone was going to snap me right the heck up. After ten months of being extremely unsnapped, I was…

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