Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive

My Favorite Scene: The Fugitive (1993) “Gerard Takes Control”

The only Oscar Tommy Lee Jones has won is for his portrayal of US Marshal Sam Gerard in The Fugitive. Nearly 25 years after its release, the film still stands as one of the best action-adventure movies of all-time. Film adaptations of television series are almost uniformly disastrous, but The Fugitive honored the spirit of the 1960s drama, while giving the film a deep humanity. Harrison Ford gives one of his best “action film” performances, and Tommy Lee Jones stole this movie like he was the inside man on a heist. When the film got a sequel (an awful sequel), it was Jones who was featured, not Ford. Upstaging Harrison Ford at the peak of his prowess is no small feat. Jones gave the kind of performance that grabbed the audience by the throat. You could not wait until Jones was back on-screen, no matter how good Ford was as the wrongly accused Dr. Richard Kimble. All it took was for Jones’ US Marshal to amble on-screen, look calmly around the aftermath of Kimble’s escape, and then bark this commanding, funny, compelling and stage-setting set of instructions to every law enforcement officer in the awed gaggle that surrounded him. A great script, some iconic action pieces (the escape, Kimble’s near-suicidal leap, etc.), and Ford showing up with his A-game would have made The Fugitive a really, really good film. Tommy Lee Jones made it a classic.
The Fugitive Theatrical Poster 

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