Toy Story, Pixar, Disney, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, Bo Peep, Slinky Dog

My Favorite Scene: Toy Story (1995) “The Claw!!!”

I remember going to see the first Toy Story and just walking out stunned.  I saw it five or six times in the theater.  I couldn’t get over the computer animation.  It was stunning, even though they couldn’t do a tenth of the things they can do now.  But it was more than that: the movie was amazing.  All kids believe their toys have lives of their own when they shut the playroom door.  That Pixar was able to take that concept and weave a story that touched and amused all ages was the beginning of what we know now is their formula for success.  Woody and Buzz are the two most iconic characters added to the Disney canon since Mickey and Donald.  For kids born in the last twenty years, they’re much MORE important than Mickey and Donald.

There are so many great scenes in the film.  I came down to this and the scene at the gas station where Woody is screaming at Buzz that he’s a toy and Buzz treats him like someone off his meds.  However, I love the squeezy zealots.  Love them.  The idea that they live in the prize machine and have developed a cult based upon worship of the claw still slays me.  Nearly 20 years and it’s still as good as the first time I saw it.

Toy Story, Pixar, Disney, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, Bo Peep, Slinky Dog

One thought on “My Favorite Scene: Toy Story (1995) “The Claw!!!””

  1. Yeah, there are a LOT of great scenes… I remember being amazed by it too… and you’re right…. it could have been only 10% as good, story and character wise, and it still would have been a breakthrough.

    One of my all-time favourite movie quotes is “You are a sad, strange little man. And you have my pity” – I use it when I train new hires – just to see who my movie geeks are LOL (that and just for giggles.)

    Have you seen the short film that precedes Monsters University? The quality is stunning… I mean, it’s photo-realistic. Every Pixar movie has a reputation for technical quality and innovation, but I thought “wow” the moment it started… the story was okay (nice enough) but the actual quality of the imagery was breath-taking…


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