Star Wars Episode VII’s Latest Casting Rumor is Benedict Cumberbatch!

Benedict Cumberbatch, Star Trek Into Darkness

This seems almost too good to be true.  We all know that 2013 has been the year we all got Cumberbatched upside the head (that sounds incredibly dirty somewhow), even those of us who already knew and loved him from Sherlock.  Holmes….Khan….Smaug….and now….Star Wars?  The man is a geek machine.

This is coming from Film Chronicles, where they say that it is all but a done deal that Cumberbatch is joining the film, though in what capacity we can only guess.  I can’t decide if I would want him to be Palpatine’s apprentice more or the new face of the Jedi Order.  He can a freaking droid for all I care as long as we get some Cumberbatch in our Star Wars.

A reason this does sound plausible is that last week, with little explanation, Cumberbatch suddenly dropped out of Guillermo del Toro‘s Crimson Peak.  that movie will be filming in February 2014.  Star Wars Episode VII starts principal photograph a few weeks prior.  He also has a prior working relationship with JJ Abrams from Star Trek Into Darkness and Abrams likes to reuse people.  It is, at this point just a rumor, but it is an AWESOME rumor.

Star Wars Episode VII will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi (putting Luke and Leia at roughly 52 and Han at 62 just as reference points).  We’ve already gotten leaks about the return of Emperor Palpatine and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  The tsunami of casting rumors and news I’ve been predicting is starting to crest.  LET IT RAIN!  Production starts mid-January 2014 for a holiday 2015 release.

Star Wars Episode VII Poster
Fan Made Poster by Lyndon Berresford

Trailer Time: The Walking Dead Season Four “Cell Block Breach” Teaser (2013)

A teaser for season four of The Walking Dead on AMC.  My copy of season three just arrived so soon I’ll be able to watch this without squinting my eyes to make everything blurry.  It’s a bit tricky embedding a video you’re trying like the dickens not to see.  Zombies will drag themselves back into you living room when the fourth season begins on October 9th.  Spoiler warning: people die.

Trailer Time: 47 Ronin International Trailer #1 (2013) PLUS New International Poster

A new international trailer out for 47 Ronin.  What better way to spend Christmas Day than with 46 ronin and the awkward white guy they try to be polite about while he tags along?  Official synopsis below:

After a treacherous warlord kills their master and banishes their kind, 47 leaderless samurai vow to seek vengeance and restore honor to their people. Driven from their homes and dispersed across the land, this band of Ronin must seek the help of Kai (Reeves)—a half-breed they once rejected—as they fight their way across a savage world of mythic beasts, shape-shifting witchcraft and wondrous terrors.47 Ronin, Keanu Reeves

50 Things A Good Geek Should Know

What goes in to the vital education of those of us who form the Geek Nation?  Virtual was kind enough to provide a curriculum of sorts.  Happy Labor Day and may you spend it on a geekly activity with loved ones you met on the Internet.

50 Things a Geek Should Know