Gary Oldman, Commissioner Gordon, The Dark Knight

Batman Prequel Series Featuring Commissioner Gordon Headed to TV

I was just geeking out watching the first season of Arrow on blu ray and thinking that DC should really try competing with Marvel on TV rather than catching up at the box office. This sounds like a great idea and added to Arrow and The Flash that’s a heck of start to a TV DCU.

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Fox has secured a deal for a prequel television series centered on a younger James Gordon.  Gordon, who goes on to become Gotham’s commissioner and Batman’s ally, served as a detective in Gotham’s police force before working his way to the top of a corrupt justice system in a decaying city.  The television series will focus on his time as a detective and is said to include some of the iconic villains from the Batman universe, however it will not feature the Caped Crusader himself (though this doesn’t mean that one Bruce Wayne won’t make an appearance in the show in one form or another).

The show is being produced by creator of The Mentalist Bruno Heller with a full series order from Fox.  No word yet on casting or when the show is set to premiere, but we do have a title:  Gotham.

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