My Favorite Scene: Zoolander (2001) *Tragic Gasoline Fighting Accident*

I think analyzing comedy is a bit like trying to eat soup with a fork.  It’s kind of pointless and bound to contain an awkward metaphor.  Look, if something makes you laugh, it makes you laugh.  Something horribly offensive to one person can be hilarious to the next and while there are certain ground rules of common courtesy, the older I get, the less I care.  Humor is a defense mechanism.  It’s a hard-wired ability to deal with life’s ugliness.  If it makes you laugh it’s funny to you.  There’s a whole different level we could spend analyzing what the things you think are funny say about you, but I’m not getting college credit for this, I want to show a clip about male models having a gasoline fight.

Zoolander is ridiculous.  It’s brilliantly ridiculous and I love it to death.  It’s probably one of my five favorite comedies.  A lot of why I love it so much is because it’s the first movie I saw in the theater after 9/11.  I don’t think I’d laughed since I’d turned on the TV that morning to see the smoke and what followed.  Then to just get away, my brother and I went to see this weird looking movie from Ben Stiller about an idiot male model and I was laughing, but when a gaggle of male models starts having a carefree gasoline fight while WHAM blares in the background, I pretty much fell out of my seat.  Thank you, Ben Stiller, for making me laugh during that horrible time.  Thank you for your really really really ridiculously awesome movie.

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