KT Housekeeping Update

Killing Time


Hi ho, fellow Time Bludgeoners, it is I, Dave, the Time Keeper with a few quick notes on site business.  This is all inside baseball, but I thought I’d give an update on the new column schedule and a tweak to the latest feature.  Columns will now run thusly:
Tuesdays: My Favorite Scene
Wednesdays: Latest 10 vs. Greatest 10
Thursdays: Killing Time
Fridays: Top 5
There are a few reasons I’m moving My Favorite Scene, but primarily it’s because no one reads it lol.  It’s probably my favorite column I write and with the exception of the mutant popularity of the ones I did for Braveheart and Breaking Bad Season 4, they are some of the least-viewed things I write.  This note will get more hits than your typical My Favorite Scene column.

The other change is to the newest feature, which I’ve given a twist.  At first I was going to take an artist and rate their latest ten films to see where they’re at, but after thinking, I decided it would be more effective and fun to compare that against what their greatest ten films are.  That way you’d get more of what I’d intended which was to see where a particular actor or director was at this point in his/her career.  I’ve done two on Steven Spielberg and George Clooney and I have gone back and added Gravity for George and edited them both into the new format.  Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for the kind words and visits.

-The Management (still … yeah still just me)

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