Huge Fan Made Art Gallery for The Walking Dead Season 4 Tonight

The wait for Walking Dead fans is almost over as the fourth season of the AMC zombie survival drama premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EST.  I had mixed feelings about season three.  The pacing definitely improved over season two, but the treatment of some of the characters left me flat.  The comic and TV show have diverged so much that I’m not sure what this season will bring.  The Governor is still out there, though, and he is pisssssssssssssssed.  To celebrate the return of the most popular drama on cable, here is an awesome array of fan made art showcasing the The Walking Dead and its stars. The Walking Dead, AMC, Michonne TBone-Aljax-Walking-Dead Tracie-Ching-Walking-Dead Steve-Kurth-Walking-Dead Ridge-Rooms-Walking-Dead-1 The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln, AMC, Darryl Dixon, Michonne Miles-Tsang-Walking-Dead Mandy-Tsung-Walking-Dead Kate-Copeland-Walking-Dead Joel-Phillips-Walking-Dead JJ-Harrison-Walking-Dead JC-Richard-Walking-Dead Evanimal-Walking-Dead Eric-Hancock-Walking-Dead Cuyler-Smith-Walking-Dead