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Top 5: Star Wars Episode VII Fan Made Posters (Huge Honorable Mention Gallery)

Top 5

I’ve mentioned before how sad it is that the movie poster, which was once an art form, has become incredibly cookie cutter.  Just look at Gravity.  The two main posters are tight shots of Sandra Bullock or George Clooney’s helmeted faces.  That’s it.  For a film that’s visually breathtaking, how can you have a poster a five-year-old could design?  If you haven’t, take a look at the Fan Made Gravity Poster Gallery that we posted a few weeks ago.  These are talented people who should be the ones putting together one of the most important pieces of the film’s visual legacy.

Since the announcement of the sequel trilogy, fan made posters have been hitting the Internet like crazy.  They’ve been brilliant!  We’ve posted a slew of them here and if you’re looking for the best place to find a collection of them on the net, try which has a gigantic collection of posters and wallpapers.  Here are my five favorite and, because there are too many awesome ones to not share more, an honorable mention gallery of greats.  I pity the person who has to follow these talented people.  They’ve made the anticipation of the next installment all the more fun (plus my desktop has never looked so good).


Star Wars Episode VII, Star Wars,
“Evil Just Never Ends” by JP Home Entertainment


"Every Empire Needs an Emperor" by Lyndon Berresford
“Every Empire Needs an Emperor” by Lyndon Berresford


"Remnants" by enoch16

“Remnants” by enoch16
“Fear is the Path to the Dark Side” by DogHollywood



"Every End is a New Beginning" by Lyndon Berresford
“Every End is a New Beginning” by Lyndon Berresford

Honorable Mention Gallery
star_wars_episode_vii_teaser_poster_by_clintonkun-d685l02 star-wars-episode-vii-poster-2 star-wars-episode-7-poster star-wars-episode-7-movie-poster-mark-wassmer-01-687x960 star_wars_episode_vii_teaser_fan Episode_7_art_Wallpaper_Coruscant Episode_7_art_vii episode_7_art_vader_Helmet Episode_7_art_The_Lost_Tribe Episode_7_art_Return_to_the-stars Episode_7_art_Return_to_a_Galaxy-Far_Far_Away Episode_7_art_Old_Hero_New_Villain STAR-WARS_EPISODE-VII_SKYWALKER_FAN_POSTER_2015 Episode_7_art_Legacy_of_the_Empire Episode_7_art_Crashed_Falcon Episode_7_art_Boba_Fett Episode_7_art_2015_Teaser Episode_7_art_Episido_7_Minimalist

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