Site Note: Ridley’s Reckoning Delayed

24-hour reprieve
24-hour reprieve

On Thursdays, I normally publish my Latest vs. Greatest column. I’ve done five so far and if you check out the Killing Time home page, you’ll see there’s a tab at the top for the feature so you don’t have to stalk them down.
This week’s subject is director Ridley Scott. Ridley; however, is going to have to wait until tomorrow because:
1. I feel like the room is spinning and that’s not conducive to writing 1000 word articles.
2. My computer is so slow that it’s taken me 40 minutes to get this together, and I am on the verge of beating it with a hammer.
3. I cannot beat it with said hammer because of the aforementioned spinning in point one. I’m just as likely to croquet my pug over the backyard fence. I like my pug more than I want to murder this antiquated machine.

“Well, how can we be sure he’ll do it at all now,” I hear you.  Jeez, you guys are needy.  Trust me.  I’m writing about Ridley Scott.  I paid to go see The Counselor and had to rent A Good Year.  We’re talking about Ridley Scott.  I have definite Ridley opinions that I want to give my full attention to.  My explanation of why I’m not writing the article I don’t feel up to writing is now passing 200 words.  I’m the Stephen King of apologist bloggers.  Get ready to get your Halloween on tomorrow, crazy people.  I will be going as “Three Hole Punch Dave”.  Thank you, The Office, for when you were good.  24 HOURS, SCOTT!!!!

Artist's rough depiction of me emerging from The Counselor.
Artist’s rough depiction of me emerging from The Counselor.


3 Minutes of Extended Action from Thor the Dark World

Here is some of the action we can expect when the Odinson returns to theaters in just 9 days. Marvel has released this extended three minute clip of action from the sequel and all it makes me want to do is grab my replica Mjolnr (totally don’t have one of those…I’m an adult) and run bellowing toward my nearest theater. Thankfully, my nearest theater is a quarter mile away so I stand a decent chance of making it still holding he hammer….which I don’t own. Thor the Dark World opens November 8th all across Midgard.

Thor 2, Thor the Dark World, Thor, Chris Hemsworth, Jane Foster, Natalie Portman

Walking Dead News: AMC Renews the Show for Season 5; Tell Tale Games Releases Trailer and Details for Season 2 of the Video Game

The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead Season Four
It would have been much more of a story had it gone the other way, but AMC renewed The Walking Dead for its fifth season after four episodes aired of their fourth. Given that Robert Kirkman and company are working on a second TWD series that will take place in the same universe independent of the current series and comic books, I think AMC may as well just renew the series for three years. A two-hour zombie block of TV will be coming starting with TWD’s seventh season and the debut of whatever the spinoff (though it’s not technically) will be entitled.

Clementine, The Walking Dead Game Season Two, Tell Tale GamesArguably the game of the year last year, The Walking Dead game produced by Telltale Games put you in the shoes of another band of survivors that interacted a bit with Rick’s but mostly went their own way.  It was, in many way, an old-fashioned adventure game with point and click interface.  It had a spectacular dialogue choice = game consequence system in that the characters around you will remember what you say and do to such an extent that later game play is dictated by what they think about you.  After a devastating ending to season one, season two will pick up  this fall.  The most astonishing achievement of the game was the bond developed between the main character and a little girl he comes across early on: Clementine.  Far from being an escort mission-style eye rolling burden, Clem becomes such a three-dimensional character that you would do (and likely have) anything to protect her.  She’ll be back in season two and the first trailer for the game is below.


First Poster for Troubled Pixar Film The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur, Pixar
There’s something so Hollywood about the fact that The Good Dinosaur may be the most troubled Pixar production in the company’s history and yet here’s a poster for it like they just didn’t fire the director and kick the release date back 18 months. I hate the fact that I live in a world where I’m doubting Pixar. The 2015 Pixar film that I think will be amazing is Pete Docter (Up, Monsters INC) and his next project, Inside Out
Pixar, The Good Dinosaur