Flash, Matteo Scalera

Fantastic Comic Book Art Gallery by Matteo Scalera

Matteo Scalera is one of those comic book artists that looks even better in black and white than he does inked. Check out this astounding gallery of some of his work.
Matteo Scalera, Red Skull, Crossbones sketch_550_by_matteoscalera-d6qoyr0 sketch_549_by_matteoscalera-d6qoyn6 sketch_548_by_matteoscalera-d6qoyjt sketch_545_by_matteoscalera-d6qoy9p sketch_544_by_matteoscalera-d6qoy2r sketch_543_by_matteoscalera-d6qoxz7 sketch_541_by_matteoscalera-d6qoxrl sketch_540_by_matteoscalera-d6qoxnz sketch_539_by_matteoscalera-d6qoxke sketch_531___fanexpo_by_matteoscalera-d6ka7ng sketch_530___fanexpo_by_matteoscalera-d6ka7kl sketch_525___fanexpo_by_matteoscalera-d6ka74x sketch_522___fanexpo_by_matteoscalera-d6ka6s2 sketch_520___fanexpo_by_matteoscalera-d6ka6k9 sketch_514_by_matteoscalera-d6ij0pz sketch_504_by_matteoscalera-d6hnrde sketch_503_by_matteoscalera-d6hnr50 sketch_415___nycc_by_matteoscalera-d5isngt sketch_403_by_matteoscalera-d5h37ui sketch_358___fan_expo_by_matteoscalera-d5cqtrf sketch_307___c2e2_by_matteoscalera-d4xq77t sketch_553_by_matteoscalera-d6qoz1f

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