Terry Pratchett

Top 5: Favorite Living Authors

Top 5

I don’t talk about books nearly as much on the site as I intended to do when I began it.  It’s rare that I’m not reading five books at once.  I love science fiction and fantasy, but if it’s good – I’ll read it.  My favorite authors are Twain, Tolkien and Lewis and they’ve all gone on to the far green country, so out of those who are still kicking around, these are my favorite authors and my favorite book of their’s.  I just got on Goodreads (I have no idea why I hadn’t before) and there is a widget that I’ll be putting on the site so if you lurk there, look me up.  I set a random 3 book minimum otherwise Glen David Gold would be on this list.

1. Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett, Mort, Discworld

2. Neil Gaiman
Sandman, Neil Gaiman, Morpheus

3. Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn Trilogy

4. Gillian Flynn
Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

5. Khaled Hosseini
A Thousand Splendid Suns

Honorable Mention:  Dave Barry, Michael Chabon, Glen David Gold, Neal Stephenson, Jim Butcher, JK Rowling, Greg Rucka,  George RR Martin

2 thoughts on “Top 5: Favorite Living Authors”

  1. Good choices all. Twain (the greatest American author bar none), Lewis and Tolkien are also good choices. Lewis’s books were therapeutic for me when I was a kid. My father gave me his dog-eared copies of the Narnia novels when I was very small; he had been waiting to pass them onto his offspring since before he met my Mom. I had to quickly buy new copies because the old ones were falling apart, but the act of passing on a personal copy of a favorite book is sacred.
    For some reason, I am more into long-dead authors than living ones. If I had to name my favorite three, Lewis Carroll, Kafka and Poe would be the ones. However, my favorite modern science fiction author is still alive: Orson Scott Card. And if writing exclusively for the comic book medium counts, Alan Moore would go on my list in a heartbeat. Do more posts about books; life would be impoverished without them.


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