guardians of the galaxy, gamora, starlord, groot, rocket raccoon, drax

Guardians of the Galaxy Details from Director James Gunn *THOR 2 END CREDITS SCENE SPOILERS*

guardians of the galaxy, gamora, starlord, groot, rocket raccoon, drax

Thor 2 really gave movie goers their first taste of what the cosmos of the Marvel Universe is like.  The end credits sequence will be an enigma to all but the most rabid comic fans, but it sets up Guardians of the Galaxy and reveals what the ultimate point of the entire film saga will be in (presumably) Avengers 3.  We’ll give it a few more days, because it’s just been out two days in the states, before dissecting minutiae, but MTV recently talked to Guardians director James Gunn and he gave some interesting info on the August 2014 release.

“Everything else I’ve ever been through — failed relationships, failed films, failed friendships — everything I’ve ever done means nothing because I’ve just been created by God to make ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for you folks.”

“I’m a very controlling guy. [Rocket Raccoon] is a big one for me, and I have very specific ideas about what Rocket Raccoon is like. [Bradley Cooper] lets me push him any which way to get where I want to go. He does not give up. He sits there in the studio all day long until his voice is sore and his eyes are bloodshot, and he’s bleeding from his nose and ears. But he’s turned in some good raccoon voices, so who cares?”

The director also confirmed that Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper are doing motion capture work for their characters in addition to voice acting.  Now this is your last chance if you don’t want to find out what the first of the two end credits sequences is about in Thor 2.

“I got the script that morning, and I did it in two hours at the end of a day of second unit shooting. That’s how this little bit came together with Benicio.”

“[Del Toro] is out there, man. He’s the best. We just kept watching him on set, being like, ‘Oh my God.’ He was probably the character who was most different from what I imagined. Although, I did say he’s like an outer-space Liberace. That’s what it says in the script, which he’s kind of doing. He really came in prepared and doing something utterly unique, and he’s mesmerizing the whole time he’s in the movie.”

He’s referring to The Collector, the villain Benicio del Toro will play in Guardians of the Galaxy.  As to what exactly his exchange meant, we’ll discuss that very soon.  Also soon, we’ll get to see some Guardians footage (according to Gunn).  Guardians of the Galaxy will release August 1st, 2014.


14 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Details from Director James Gunn *THOR 2 END CREDITS SCENE SPOILERS*”

  1. The final test is coming. If the general public goes crazy over characters most people have never heard of, the Marvel movie universe will be a candidate for the best-managed entertainment enterprise of all time. I know that a lot of people have serious problems with IM3, and so do I, but IMO the Mandarin twist redeems the entire film, because it shows that serious chances are now being taken with the Marvel franchise. I can’t WAIT to see Thor 2 this weekend. It seems to me that a turning point has come.


      1. There is a place for darkness. Batman, for example, should be very, very dark. But there is SO much darkness in movies today, even in superhero movies, which once were as square and optimistic as they come. I found Kingsley’s Mandarin (during the movie’s first half) to be mesmerizing, but also very sick and twisted. The reveal made me smile because it was, in its way, a small antidote to all the fashionable nihilism that surrounds us. It was meant to be a gentle ribbing, but the prank might have backfired, because a lot of people, like you, felt betrayed.
        Here is how I see it: Kingsley’s performance during the first half of the movie is nothing short of iconic, but it’s so eccentric and studiously mannered that it seems to be coming from the “textbook for scene-stealing psychopathic superhero-movie villains.” Also, the character follows the fashion of using superhero villains as stand-ins for Osama Bin Ladin, and terrorists in general. Kingsley’s character in IM3 is a satirical commentary that totally subverts the conventional wisdom of modern superhero movies. And I love the way that Kingsley totally commits to the role, both before and after the reveal. The twist was brave and it was out-of-left-feild, and it shows me that the filmmakers are now comfortable enough with the material to play around a little.
        Sorry you got burned, though. I might have felt the same way if I had had more of a connection to these characters outside the films.


      2. Did you notice that there was a brief shot showing that the Mandarin was using a teleprompter? At the time I thought it was just a weird detail, but in hindsight everyone should have figured the whole thing out at that point.


      3. You know something? I have actually been thinking about this issue since my last post, and I have revised my opinion. I still love the twist for the reasons I stated, but I was never a fan of the Iron Man comics, only the films, and I am ashamed to say that before IM3 I knew the name “Mandarin” and little else. When I put myself in your shoes—when I think about how I would have felt if they had done this with Heath Ledger’s Joker—I realize that the twist was a really rotten thing for the filmmakers to do to the fans—the only people for whom the name “Mandarin” meant anything at all prior to the release of the film. And to cast an actor of Kingsley’s stature, and have him give such a brilliant performance for the entire first half of the film—yeah, they went too far. They could have come up with a different way to think outside the box.


      4. This is why you’re the reasonable critic lol. Not only did they ruin the character, which had been a cool update and seriously menacing up until ….grrr Trevor, but they’d been dropping hints through the first two movies of his coming. If you go back and watch the first movies, the terrorists that kidnap Tony in the first place are working for (I forget the exact wording) The Order of the 10 Rings, which IS THE MANDARIN! The movie has a lot of other issues, but that one is the one that pushed it to a negative review for me. I mean, Mr. Freeze is a great Batman villain, but are we ever going to get a chance to see him in a movie again after what they did with him? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH!


      5. Did what with him? Mr. Freeze was never in a movie. In fact, I once hallucinated that he was being played by Arnold Schwartzeneggar. It was very, very weird and disturbing, like something out of a Herzog movie. I guess your mind plays tricks on you sometimes.
        Mr. Freeze would be very cool if done correctly, and I would also like to see a serious version of the Riddler. As much as I don’t like to see a movie overstuffed, I wish there had been more villains in smaller parts in the Nolan Batverse. Instead of having the Scarecrow keep popping up, Nolan should have written in other villains. I am still bummed out that Seymour Philip Hoffman did not play the Penguin; a single scene would have sufficed. Nolan said that the Penguin wouldn’t fit in with his more realistic vision, but then DKR kind of threw realism out the window. I’m pretty sure we WILL see Mr. Freeze, along with more of the “unrealistic” villains, in a more fanciful reboot coming down the line.


      6. I think the Penguin can be done realistically in his mob boss form and Hoffman would have been great. I think TDKR is as real as any of the others. It’s more of the feeling and a grounding in some kind of reality than thinking oh that can actually happen. Totally disagree about the Scarecrow. Cillian Murphy’s pop ups in TDK and TDKR were awesome and those movies didn’t need more characters. A serious Riddler movie is essential. That’s why Batman goes on, even though I may never love another as much as I love those three, because the world can’t be contained in three movies or in one director’s vision. I hope Batman vs. Superman is as respectful. I hate the idea they’re trying to shoehorn Wonder Woman into the movie (possibly as a love interest for Batman). Batman doesn’t do relationships with anyone but Selina Kyle because no one else comes close to even remotely getting what he’s really about. It always annoyed me when they’d try to give Bruce a serious girlfriend in the first four movies. Bruce dates to maintain a persona. It’s part of the Bruce mask. I’m also hearing that they’re thinking about putting Dick Grayson in and if this is an older Batman; I guess he’d be Nightwing? I don’t know. I really don’t get this next film and how it will possibly work given what they’re trying to wedge in there. I was fine with just a sequel to Man of Steel. Superman barely gets talked about in his own sequel. The best Mr. Freeze ever is the animated series version. If they adapted that treatment; he can carry a movie. Paul Dini made that character a serious and tragic villain.


      7. You’re probably right about Cillian Murphy. There’s nothing worse than a bloated, overstuffed summer movie. It’s just that Nolan took these characters—even the ridiculous ones like Scarecrow—and updated them and made them cool and distilled their essence. And I want to see his take on all the other villains, and I
        never will.
        As for the subject of realism…I had a problem with every cop in Gotham City (except for two) being sent into that tunnel. I had a problem with a seasoned veteran of the force letting his unarmed wife answer the door when the city was in a state of anarchy and maniacs were roaming the street. I had a problem with Bruce Wayne getting his back broken, having it repaired in an unsanitary dungeon, then instantly stepping back into the suit. I love the movie, I adore Hardy’s portrayal of Bane, and Hathaway is the first actress to embody the Catwoman from the comics. But the plot of the movie strains credulity in so many different ways. That would not bother me in most cases, but after Nolan’s first two chapters, I thought DKR would be more thought-out than it was.
        I honestly don’t know what they are thinking with Superman vs. Batman. Yes, it will be Nightwing, not Robin, but I hadn’t heard about Wonder Woman. Good Lord. I hope they take my advice and totally redesign her suit from top to bottom. This movie would be a great idea if the Superman reboot already had three films under its belt; then you could use the franchise to reintroduce Batman and segue into a newly-imagined Batverse with an older, grizzled Wayne. But Superman vs. Batman is directly following MOS, in which Superman is only just stepping into his role. I mean—he broke a guy’s neck. He hasn’t even developed his moral code yet, and it’s WAY too soon for him to be getting into altercations with other superheros, because he hasn’t been fully established. They are using Miller’s Dark Knight Rises as inspiration, but somehow I doubt the dynamic will remain the same, seeing as how this will NOT be set in a future where Superman is a shell of his former self and a government toady. There is only one bright spot so far: apparently Batman’s suit is going to be based on the suit from the graphic novel Batman: Noel. If you haven’t read it, do. It’s really, really awesome and the suit is great.


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