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Top 5: Trailers for 2013 Movies

Top 5

I love trailers.  A well-made trailer is an art form; a tiny short film the perfectly hypes the story while not telling you the entire thing.  I also tend to discover more cool music from trailers than anywhere outside of Grey’s Anatomy, which I watch primarily for the music.  By now, there is a trailer out for all major 2013 releases, so here are my top 5; my favorite five trailers for 2013 releases.  I don’t care when it was released, my standard is the movie had to come out in 2013, and only one trailer per movie (or it is very possible this would be three Hobbit trailers).

1. Man of Steel Trailer #2

2. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer #3

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer #2

4. Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer #1

5. Saving Mr. Banks Trailer #1

Honorable Mention: About Time Trailer #1

Honorable Mention: Gravity Teaser Trailer

One thought on “Top 5: Trailers for 2013 Movies”

  1. I am a trailer junkie. There is nothing like the pleasure of glimpsing an anticipated movie for the very first time. A good trailer embeds itself in your memory forever. I still remember flipping out over the trailer for Coppola’s version of Dracula; my first glimpse of Gary Oldman in that bizarre prosthetic makeup and wig signaled to me that this would be unlike any other version of Dracula I had ever seen before. And the teaser trailer for Revenge of the Sith instantly communicated that THIS was the Star Wars film I had been waiting for since 1983. Obviously the Batman trailer back in 1989 was a game changer; after that trailer, wild horses couldn’t have dragged me away from the film. Disney’s decision to just show the opening number from Lion King was a master stroke as well. But 1939 was the year that Orson Welles created the trailer for Citizen Kane, and it DID NOT SHOW ANY SCNES FROM THE MOVIE, which was highly revolutionary. Nor did it include Orson Welles, only his voice. It’s unbelievably entertaining, and has my vote as the greatest trailer of all time. Welles was SUCH a genius.


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