Dead Rising 3, Xbox One

Dead Rising 3 Achievement List: XBOX Day One Exclusives

Dead Rising 3, Xbox One
Though it will happen without me (dramatic sigh), Xbox One’s launch is now only just a little more than a day away.  Of the launch title exclusives, Dead Rising 3 is probably the most anticipated and courtesy of Xbox 360 Achievements, we’ve got the full list.  You’ll note that there are 52 achievements for 1000 points.  In the previous generation, developers were limited to 50.  They will also be able to add achievements organically throughout the gameplay cycle and I’m not entirely sure if there is a numerical cap on either number or points for Xbox One games (pipe in if you know).  Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One Day One Exclusive launching with the console November 22, 2013.

Dead Rising 3 Achievements
There are 52 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Planner 15 
Collect 5 blueprints.  (1)
Journeyman 20 
Collect 25 blueprints.
Pick up 250 different weapons.
Fashion Plate
Collect 100 different clothing items.
Engineer 25 
Collect 50 blueprints.
T.I.O.D. Disciple
Create 50 combo weapons.
Local Hero
Save 1 survivor.
Man of the People 10 
Save 15 stranded survivors.  (1)
Help Wanted 10 
Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.  (2)
Drive 20 different vehicles.
Sideswiped 10 
Complete 20 side missions.
Master Builder 30 
Collect 100 blueprints.
Certified Survivalist
Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.
Zombie Killer
Kill 100 zombies.
Zombie Slayer 15 
Kill 10,000 zombies.
Master of Massacre 20 
Kill 53,597 zombies.  (5)
Zombie Butcher 10 
Kill 1,000 zombies.
Morgue-ified 10 
Complete Chapter 2.
Happy Camper 20 
Complete Chapter 4.
Wrathful 25 
Defeat Zhi.
Lusty 25 
Defeat Dylan.
Greedy 25 
Defeat Albert.
Slothful 25 
Defeat Theodore.
Prideful 25 
Defeat Jherii.
Gluttonous 25 
Defeat Darlene.
Envious 25 
Defeat the envious survivor.
Reach level 5.
Expert 15 
Reach level 25.
Maxed! 50 
Reach level 50.
Specialist 50 
Max out a single attribute.
Be a Dick!
Join a Co-op game.  (6)
Duct Tape Master 20 
Create every combo weapon.
Create 5 combo vehicles.
Master Mechanic 10 
Create every combo vehicle.
A Little Ambition
Purchase 1 Attribute.
Ladder Climber 10 
Purchase 10 Attributes.
Left 100,004 Dead 30 
Kill 100,004 zombies.  (11)
Prestigious 10 
Complete 10 PP Trials.
Almost Famous 25 
Complete 25 PP Trials.
Prestige Hound 50 
Complete all PP Trials.
Genius of Zombie Slaying 25 
Kill 72,000 zombies.  (1)
Starter 10 
Complete Chapter 0.
Quarantined 10 
Complete Chapter 1.
Family Man 20 
Complete Chapter 3.
Day at the Museum 20 
Complete Chapter 5.
The Doctor is Out 30 
Complete Chapter 6.
Them’s the Facts 30 
Complete the Facts.
Complete the Package 50 
Complete Overtime.
Gang Banger
Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.
Nightmare Master 75 
Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.  (5)
Survival Training Silver 10 
Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals.
Survival Training Master 20 
Win 25 Survival Training Gold medals.

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