Trailer Time: Interstellar Teaser #1 (2014)

Oh you weren’t actually expecting him to tell you anything were you?  Interstellar is my most anticipated film for 2014 and Christopher Nolan is, far and away, my favorite director.  Not only does he have a penchant for secrecy, he has a very keen awareness of the trailer as a marketing tool.   Continue reading Trailer Time: Interstellar Teaser #1 (2014)

R.I.P Peter O’Toole (1932 – 2013)

Lawrence of Arabia, Peter O'TooleIt is with a heavy heart that I pass on that the world has lost its greatest living actor.  Peter O’Toole is gone.  Nominated eight times for Best Actor, Peter O’Toole will rank with Alfred Hitchcock as the most illustrious members of the profession to never be honored with an Oscar.  He was given an honorary one in 2003, which he nearly turned down because he, “still wanted to win the bugger outright.”  He should have.  It’s unfortunate that Lawrence of Arabia and To Kill a Mockingbird were both released the same year, because neither got the full showering of awards they deserved.  My second favorite performance of his is The Lion in Winter……to be honest, I’m a little heartbroken by this news and I don’t tend to get upset over celebrity deaths.  I’ll let the obit from USA Today take over.


Peter O’Toole, the iconic star of Lawrence of Arabiawho became one of Hollywood’s early rebels, died Saturday in a London hospital following a long illness.

O’Toole, 81, was nominated for eight best-acting Oscars, a record, for films that include 1962’sArabiaThe Lion in Winter (1968) and Goodbye Mr. Chips (1969).

Most recently, he earned an Academy Awardnomination for Venus, a drama about veteran actors whose lives are upended when they meet a teenager. O’Toole won an honorary Oscar in 2003 for his body of work, which would include more than 90 films and TV shows.


O’Toole’s family is overwhelmed “by the outpouring of real love and affection being expressed toward him, and to us, during this unhappy time,” his daughter Kate said in a statement. “There will be a memorial filled with song and good cheer, as he would have wished.”

Born Peter Seamus O’Toole in Ireland, O’Toole originally wanted to be a newspaper reporter, and one of his first jobs was as a copy boy. But after a stint as a radioman in the Royal Navy for two years, he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and got the acting bug. While he had dabbled in theater since he was 17, O’Toole turned his attention to film, earning small roles in movies around 1960.

He shot to stardom in 1962, when director David Lean chose him to play T.E. Lawrence in Arabia, and earned a reputation as a hard-drinking Hollywood hell-raiser, a reputation he seemed to enjoy. A diehard rugby and Shakespeare fan (he once confessed to knowing all of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets by heart), he was offered a knighthood in 1987, but turned it down, citing personal and political reasons.

Peter O'Toole Goodbye Mr. Chips

O’Toole was tall, fair and strikingly handsome, and the image of his bright blue eyes peering out of an Arab headdress in the spectacularly photographed desert epic Arabia was unforgettable.

Playwright Noel Coward once said that if O’Toole had been any prettier, they would have had to call the movie Florence of Arabia.

In 1964’s Becket, O’Toole played King Henry II to Richard Burton’s Thomas Becket, and won another Oscar nomination. Burton shared O’Toole’s fondness for drinking, and their off-set carousing made headlines.

O’Toole played Henry again in 1968 in The Lion in Winter, opposite Katharine Hepburn, for his third Oscar nomination.

Four more nominations followed: in 1968 for Goodbye, Mr. Chips, in 1971 for The Ruling Class, in 1980 for The Stunt Man, and in 1982 for My Favorite Year. It was almost a quarter-century before he received his eighth and last, for Venus.

Peter O'Toole, Lawrence of Arabia

Stomach cancer nearly ended his life in the 1970s, before a triumphant return for Oscar-nominated turns in 1980’s The Stunt Man and 1982’s My Favorite Year.

O’Toole announced last year that he was giving up acting, saying: “I bid the profession a dry-eyed and profoundly grateful farewell.” His last film is Katherine of Alexandria, in which he plays Cornelius Gallus, a palace orator. The film is scheduled for release in 2014.

He is survived by his two daughters, Pat and Kate O’Toole, from his marriage to actress Siân Phillips, and his son, Lorcan O’Toole, by Karen Brown.

Movie Review: The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug (2013) *MASSIVE SPOILERS*

The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug, Martin Freeman, Bilbo Baggins

It’s 3:30 a.m. where I live and I just returned from seeing The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug for the second time today, so I feel I’ve properly digested it enough to write a coherent (well, coherent for this hour) review of the middle film in The Hobbit Trilogy.  First, I want to emphasize the warning in the title: SPOILERS.  I’m not going to bother to mince anything, so if you haven’t seen the film, I’ll put the break here and if you continue on you do so into Spoilertown. Continue reading Movie Review: The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug (2013) *MASSIVE SPOILERS*

2013 Year in Film Retrospective (Supercut)

While I’m not quite ready to start making Best of 2013 lists (though the time is drawing nigh), the montages are flying fast and furious.  This is an excellent one from Gen Ip who takes 300 films and distills it into seven minutes.  How anyone has the patience to do that, I will never understand but, how could we survive without their montages?  A montage-less world….is just too horrible to contemplate.  Like The Walking Dead but without zombies or urgency…