Newly Released Pictures from RoboCop

I’ve been openly astonished at how cool the early trailers and looks at the remake of RoboCop have been.  I was utterly uninterested in the reboot of the 1980’s action franchise, but find myself so intrigued by the trailers and look of the film that I will be there in February to see that America cannot be labeled “robophobic”.  These production stills were released, showing more of the cyborg cop (that’s just a weird phrase to try to seriously type).  RoboCop will be released in the US on February 12, 2014.
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Top 5: Actresses Who Won Best Actress For the Wrong Movie

top5This is a bit of a series we’re doing based on a simple fact of Oscar logic: people don’t usually win their Oscars for the movie they should have.  A few weeks back we looked at the Best Actors; today we’ll look at Best Actresses who picked up the little gold guy for the wrong film. Continue reading Top 5: Actresses Who Won Best Actress For the Wrong Movie

New Photos of Bishop, Magneto, Mystique and More from X-Men Days of Future Past

Courtesty of EW and 20th Century FOX and Marvel (I DO NOT OWN THESE IS WHAT I’M SAYING) here are some new looks at X-Men Days of Future Past including the best look at Bishop that I’ve seen so far.  Every time I watch the trailer for this, I get more pumped up.  X-Men Days of Future Past opens May 23, 2014.

X-Men Days of Future Past, Bishop, Omar Sy dofpnew9945 X-mendaysoffuturepast85758-1 original-2 X-mendaysoffuturepast85758-4 original original-3