Runner Runner, Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake

Movie Review: Runner, Runner (2013)

Ben Aflleck, Runner Runner

It’s odd that I would even watch a movie starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlike because 5 years ago, they were two of my least favorite celebrities period.  However, Affleck through his outstanding (should have won an Oscar) directing and Timberlake through his appearances on Saturday Night Life, where he’s become this generation’s Steve Martin, have both gotten me to like them, damn them.Runner Runner went a long way toward rectifying that.  No, it’s actually not that bad, but it certainly isn’t worth the time of these two.  The movie is only 90 minutes and it feels it.  I mean that in the sense that there’s no time for character development or plot because things move so frantically powering into warp speed as giant stretches of plot are condensed into the length of one of Timberlake’s music videos.  Utterly forgettable and disjointed, give this one a miss.

If you do want to see Timblerlake act (and he can; he just hasn’t proven he can carry a movie, check out The Social Network or the underrated In Time). 

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