Star Wars Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Marko Manev

Fantastic Star Wars Art from Marco Manev

Most work I’ve seen from Marco Manev in the past has been his super hero stuff, but these one-sheets for each of the Original Trilogy Star Wars films are fantastic.  Movie posters used to be art and they should be.  They’re a fantastic opportunity to create an iconic image to sell the film, but most of them these days look like they were farmed out to an intern with average Photoshop skills.  Online there is a thriving group of artists making beautiful posters like these, so dig around a bit and you’ll likely find one for your favorite film that beats the pants off of whatever ended up on the Blu Ray cover.Star Wars, Star Wars A New Hope, Marko Manev

Star Wars Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Marko Manev Star Wars, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Marko Manev

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Star Wars Art from Marco Manev”

  1. God bless Manev. These paintings are so beautiful compared to the photoshopped-looking art on the posters the studios put out. In the hands of a gifted artist, new technology can be used to create ever-more-wonderful works of art, but in the hands of a person who doesn’t know what to do with the new technology, you get boring art that all seems pretty much the same.
    Starting with Wolf of Wall Street, Paramount has officially stopped producing film prints; they’re going digital from this point on. By the end of this year, celluloid will be a thing of the past. Digital makes sense from a logistical and financial perspective, and if they were trying to find ways to simulate the look of film, I would be all for it. But instead, everyone worships at the altar of crystal-clarity, which is appropriate for some kinds of movies, but not all.
    Love goes into really good fan-produced art, while the official marketing people have nothing but calculation to offer. There are some amazing films being made by brilliant filmmakers using new technology to show us things we’ve never seen before, and they deserve better. Pacific Rim should have had an American audience.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I try to post as many of these amazing fan-made posters I can find, because for the most part, you can’t find any iconic images at the theater any more. I will say, by far and away, the best studio poster in 2013 was the IMAX poster for The Hunger Games Catching Fire. That was so brilliant, I couldn’t believe it.


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