300, Leonidas, Spartans, Gerard Butler

My Favorite Scene: 300 (2009) “Immortals Battle”

THIS!  IS!  AWESOME!  300 is a movie bursting with so much testosterone that watching it at home may cause your home theater to grow hair.  I plan on re-watching (for the umpteenth time) 300 before 300: Rise of an Empire comes out and doing a full review, so I won’t go into the movie.  Suffice it to say, I’m a fan.  In picking my favorite scene, you have the obvious “This is Sparta!” or “Tonight we dine in Hell” choices, but as the majority of the movie is combat, I thought I would pick my favorite portion of the battle and that would be Leonidas and the brave 300 against the Persian Empire’s Immortals.  The scene is a bit long so it’s divided into two parts and it is NOT FOR THE KIDDIES!….but it is awesome.

300, Leonidas, Gerard Butler
Fan Art by Dogyfox


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Scene: 300 (2009) “Immortals Battle””

  1. 300 is one of my favorite movies of all time. It borrows liberally from The Matrix, yet somehow forges its own aesthetic. It looks exactly like it’s been computer-generated, yet somehow that draws you into ancient Sparta instead of out. And for all its myriad historical inaccuracies, it captures the ancient Spartan mindset perfectly. Also, as the scene you posted demonstrates, it’s one of the most exciting action films ever. The sequel is one of those films I’m tempted not to see. I’ll be relying on your review (no pressure).


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