Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America, Chris Evans

Trailer Time: Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer #3 (2014) Four-Minute Preview

Are you ready for the next chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Well put on your spandex, grab your hammer and/or shield and start training because winter is coming.  No, not Game of Thrones, though that comes two days after Winter Soldier.  How awesome is that weekend.  By the way, KT HQ is newly-equipped with HBO.  Do you guys want to do week-by-week episode talkbacks?  By which I mean I write a review and you all say nothing and I yell at you?  Consider it.  I know I’m two behind on SHIELD and that will be rectified shortly.  I hope to catch up tonight since there is going to be a whole lot of Clone Wars happening the next day.  Wasn’t this post about a Captain America trailer?This four-minute preview is probably our final look at new footage prior to the film’s 4/4/14 release.  Enjoy and get ready.  Ed Brubaker, who created The Winter Soldier and wrote the storyline this film is based on, said this is the best MCU movie yet and Bru is not easy praise.
The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, Sebastian Stan

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