Green Goblin, Dane DeHaan, Amazing Spider-Man 2

Marc Webb Will Not Return for Amazing Spider-Man 4 PLUS New Gallery of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pics; Best Look Yet at Harry Osborn as Green Goblin

Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Andrew GarfieldMarc Webb has announced that while he will return for Amazing Spider-Man 3, it will be his last film in the franchise.  Amazing Spider-Man 4, a Sinister Six film and a Venom film are all planned for the Sony Spidey-verse.  Webb, whose name really does require  that he does nothing but these films forever, says he’s ready to move on to other things.

This isn’t the end of the world.  Webb has gotten this new franchise off to an epic start and Sony has two years to find the right person to take over.  This is actually another sign that Sony has a long-term plan and people bought into it.  Webb certainly could’ve bailed for AMS 3, but he gave the equivalence of 2 years notice.  This is the kind of advance planning that’s allowed the MCU to succeed.  New batch of photos including the best look yet at Dane DeHaan as full Goblin.  It’s better than Willem DaFoe’s football helmet is all I’ll say.  AMS 2 opens nationwide May 1st.

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12 thoughts on “Marc Webb Will Not Return for Amazing Spider-Man 4 PLUS New Gallery of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pics; Best Look Yet at Harry Osborn as Green Goblin”

  1. Everything about this looks great—really, really awesome. I had some reservations about Amazing Spider Man—mainly that it wasn’t a radical enough new take on the material to justify a reboot—but it’s grown on me. I’m trying to imagine the Spider-Man world as a cinematic universe unto itself, and it could work. This is the second example of a studio other than Disney going the route of the MCU. The entire landscape is about to change. No longer will the law of diminishing returns apply with sequels. No more Spider-Man 3’s, devised on the spot. Instead, no franchise will be launched without a game plan that extends far into the future. At least, that is my hope as a fantasy film enthusiast.


    1. Well, FOX too is creating an X-verse based on the same model. They have the next three X-films in various stages of development already. I have great respect for Webb giving this kind of notice. It shows how proud he is of this work and how badly he wants it to continue though he may want to do other things. There’s a big difference then having two months and two years to find the right director to take the next couple on. I love the crap out of the first one now and have pretty much purged the Raimi trilogy from my memory except for that excellent standalone film with Doc Ock lol. Arrgh, please don’t kill Gwen yet.


      1. Have you heard? Variety says Brad Bird is writing a sequel to The Incredibles. It is actually happening.


      2. I had the same exact thought. But even though Bird would have been my first pick for Episode 7, I’d rather see him helming something he created himself.


      3. The article in Variety said Bird was writing the sequel, so I went by that. Sorry to build you up only to bring you down, but who cares about Cars 3 if we get an Incredibles sequel?


      4. OK—on sober refection I see the problem. If they are making Cars 3, it shows they have developed the wrong mindset, and this does not bode well for Incredibles 2, or any of their future films. Also, this news was delivered at a shareholder’s meeting. Perhaps I got overexcited. But even if Bird is just writing the screenplay, I am excited. If they make an Incredibles movie without him, Pixar has officially jumped the shark.


      5. Whoa there. You’re pendulumming (not a word but should be). Cars 3 will suck. It’s ridiculous at this point the sequelizing. Bird may well be writing the Incredibles sequel; I just don’t have that confirmed. Has Pixar lost its way, yes. Are they done? No. Not unless they bomb both 2015 releases and then they ARE in very dangerous territory.


      6. BTW: I saw The Wind Rises tonight. I’m still pondering what it all meant—it’s certainly a film that’s food for thought—but I cannot deny that it’s Miyazaki’s masterpiece, and one of the most breathtakingly beautiful animated movies ever made.


      7. I need to see that. Hey, do me a favor, I have a long post on the whole C3/I2 thing coming out in 25 minutes. I’m going to move your last post there and you can start anew. I think this was a spider-man story at one time lol, not your fault or anyone’s the story broke and I don’t have a real discussion forum (need to get me one of them), but let’s start talking Pixar over there.


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