Trailer Time: Godzilla International Trailer #1 (2014)

Could it be that this is going to be as good as it looks?  Three trailers in and I’m nothing but hugely impressed with Gareth Edwards’ take on bringing Godzilla back to its classic roots. This first international trailer has new footage and has me circling May 16th when Godzilla opens nationwide.
Godzilla, Comic Con

2 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Godzilla International Trailer #1 (2014)”

  1. Now here’s a reboot that’s totally warranted. Between films like the Jurassic Park trilogy, Cloverfeild, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and Pacific Rim, Godzilla has long since been out-Godzilaed. And it looks like the makers of this new film are serious about taking the genre back. Color me impressed by everything I’ve seen so far.


    1. I eye-rolled when I saw they were remaking this again, but the point of doing a remake is to fix something screwed up or to redefine it for a new generation and there’s no arguing Godzilla needs both and this looks like it’s taking that task extremely seriously. I’m looking forward to this. May is ridiculous. AMS 2, X-Men, Maleficent and this. THERE ARE ELEVEN OTHER MONTHS!!!


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