James Rebhorn

RIP Homeland Actor and Veteran Character Actor James Rebhorn Has Passed

You probably don’t know James Rebhorn’s name, but if you watch TV or movies AT ALL, you’ll most likely recognize his face.  Rebhorn is the epitome of a career character actor, blending into dozens upon dozens of roles, most lately as the father of Claire Dane’s character on the Showtime hit Homeland.  Rebhorn was such a consummate character actor that in the David Fincher film The Game, he plays a career character actor acting in the titular Game INSIDE the movie.  Rebhorn has been battling melanoma since 1992, the cancer finally taking him today at age 65.996IDY_James_Rebhorn_002

Rebhorn’s resume would be the envy of any actor’s.  In addition to The Game and Homeland, Rebhorn appeared in Scent of a Woman, The Good Wife, 30 Rock, Real Steel, Boston Legal, Law & Order, Cold Mountain, The Practice, From the Earth to the Moon, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Meet the Parents,  Seinfeld, Independence Day, White Squall, and more and more stretching back to 1951 when he began his career as a child actor.  He’s one of those faces; the kind everyone remembers from being in a ton of things but can’t put a name to.  His was James Rebhorn, and he’ll be missed.
james rebhorn, homeland

One thought on “RIP Homeland Actor and Veteran Character Actor James Rebhorn Has Passed”

  1. I was sad to hear the news… he was one of those guys you instantly recognised, who you always asked “where have I seen that guy before…?”

    Loved him in ID4 🙂 That’s probably where I know him best…


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