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Achievement/Trophy List for LEGO The Hobbit is Here!!!

By now I’ve made known how ridiculous I think it is that they’re releasing LEGO The Hobbit eight months before they could release The LEGO Hobbit Trilogy. I highly doubt There and Back Again can support an entire LEGO game and unless it’s a giant DLC pack for this game (and no previous game has ever had plot-based DLC), this smacks of outrageous double-dipping. Of COURSE I have it pre-ordered! It’s LEGOs and Tolkien! What am I? Some kind of ….adult? It looks like an easy 1000G compared to other LEGO games and some of the things from the LEGO Movie game, like instruction builds, look like they’re going to carry over. LEGO The Hobbit will be released for all platforms on April 8, 2014. By the way, if you pre-order at Game Stop, you get a minifig of Bilbo in his dressing gown from the first film….that didn’t weigh in my decision at all. I swear. The government lets me vote, you know.

There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

A city turned to ash 25 
Completed “Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth”
In a hole in the ground… 25 
Completed “An Unexpected Party”
Slunk back from whence he came 25 
Completed “Azog the Defiler”
… And be stone to you! 25 
Completed “Roast Mutton”
More of a letter-opener, really! 25 
Completed “The Troll Hoard”
More than a thunderstorm! 25 
Completed “Over Hill and Under Hill”
That’ll do it… 25 
Completed “Goblin Town”
I believe the worst is behind us 25 
Completed “Out of the Frying Pan…”
What do you need? 25 
Completed “Queer Lodgings”
Attercop! Attercop! 25 
Completed “Flies and Spiders”
Escaped the dungeons of the King 25 
Completed “Barrels Out of Bond”
The Mountain-king’s return 25 
Completed “A Warm Welcome”
He is summoning his servants 25 
Completed “Looking for Proof”
It’s undoubtedly a trap 25 
Completed “The Necromancer”
Time to earn your reward 25 
Completed “On the Doorstep”
Think furnace, with wings 25 
Completed “Inside Information”
Ever “The People’s Champion” 20 
Completed all the quests in Middle-earth
The greed of Dwarves 25 
Collected all Mithril Bricks
Labouring in the villages of Men 25 
Collected all Schematics
Doilies and your mother’s dishes 20 
Collected all Treasure Items in levels
Objects of great beauty 25 
Forged all the Mithril Treasure Items
Unequalled skill of the Dwarves 25 
Forged all the Perfect Mithril Treasure Items
The Unassessably Wealthy 50 
Collected 10,000,000,000 studs
That’s why we need a burglar! 30 
Obtained all Master Burglar titles
Stone Giant Stomp 25 
Completed the Bonus Level
To Be Continued… 40 
Achieved 100% completion
Hardly burglar material 20 
Collected 99 of any loot
Wealth lies in the Earth 25 
Completed the mining game perfectly 50 times
Bro’s before Gold 25 
Used 50 Buddy-Up attacks
Team Building 30 
Used every combination of Dwarves for Buddy-Up attacks
Conjurer of Cheap Tricks 25 
Used Gandalf’s startle ability to dazzle 50 enemies
Lord of the Prance 20 
Equipped yourself with Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots.
Dawn of the Mushroom King 25 
Equipped Thorin with the Mithril Mushroom Crown
Master Builder 25 
Obtained 150,000 studs from Instruction Builds bonuses
Someone to share in an adventure 20 
Played a level in co-op
Quite a merry gathering 25 
Collected all characters
Our Long Forgotten Gold 25 
Collected all Minikits
Beorn Again 25 
Transformed to Beorn’s bear form.
Who is this horrid creature? 25 
Created a custom character.

2 thoughts on “Achievement/Trophy List for LEGO The Hobbit is Here!!!”

  1. Are the LEGO hobbits smaller than the other LEGO people? Because if they aren’t, the whole thing doesn’t make any sense.


  2. I’m certain you’re already on top of this and writing a post as we speak, but Latino Review is reporting that an Indiana Jones reboot might be in the cards. We’ve discussed the idea of Ford finishing the series on a high note while wielding power behind the scenes, but perhaps casting a new, younger actor would be for the best. Provided they find the right guy. Obviously. I wish Verbinski hadn’t made Lone Ranger for Disney and (probably) squandered all his goodwill, because he would be a perfect director to take over the reigns. It’s strange to think that I’m actually happy that Speilberg is stepping aside here. I never thought I would feel that way about Spielberg and ANY movie. He’s evolved so much as a director that it’s time for new blood. I feel old.


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