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Top 5: Captain America Storylines (trade paperbacks to pick up before or after you watch The Winter Soldier)

Top 5

So you’ve just walked out of Captain America: The Winter Solider and you’re jonsing for more Cap.  You sit down and type “Captain America” into Amazon and get washed out to sea by eighty years of story choices.  What Cap stories are worth reading?  What are my favorite five Cap trade paperbacks, you ask?  I just so happen to have a list topped by a familiar entry, but all of these are stellar.  Number Two is my favorite vs. The Red Skull adventure since we may never see that character in the MCU again.  All are stellar reads and will keep your Cap buzz humming a little while longer.

Captain America

1. The Winter Soldier by Ed Brukbaker

2. Operation: Rebirth by Mark Waid
Captain America, Red Skull, Captain America Operation Rebirth, Mark Waid

3. Captain America No More by Mark Gruenwald
Captain America No More, Captain America, Mark Gruenwald

4. Truth by Robert Morales
Truth: Red White and Black, Robert Morales

5. The Ultimates Vol. 1 by Mark Millar
Captain America

3 thoughts on “Top 5: Captain America Storylines (trade paperbacks to pick up before or after you watch The Winter Soldier)”

    1. I hope so. The character is, in real life, as in the comics, decades older than any of the others in the MCU so there are tons of great stories out there. The Brubaker run with Winter Soldier happens to be my favorite and there are three giant omnibuses collecting most of it, but Waid’s run was great. Gruenwald’s run were some of the first comics I read when I started.


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