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Vincent Aseo’s Mind-Blowing Movie Posters (Studios, Stop Being Lazy and HIRE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!)

Artist Vincent Aseo recently did a collection of Movie Poster art that quite simply backhanded the actual art right across the face. In the year plus I’ve been doing Killing Time, one of the things that’s begun to make me the angriest is how lazy movie studios have become with poster art when people like Aseo have creations like this out there that they’re doing for themselves and others. Posters should be works of art to accompany a work of art, like the score to a film complements the images. Look at these and tell me they’re not better than 95% of the posters you’ve seen.

Star Wars Return of the Jedi

See Vincent’s entire collection of Alternative Movie Posters by clicking here.
Breaking Bad Arrow Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass Tron Legacy Man of Steel, Superman Captain America: The Winter Soldier Thor The Dark World Iron Man 3 RoboCop



3 thoughts on “Vincent Aseo’s Mind-Blowing Movie Posters (Studios, Stop Being Lazy and HIRE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!)”

  1. I’m pretty sure the lack of imagination in modern movie posters is a trickle-down effect caused by a general fear of innovation. If something is really, truly imaginative, that probably means it’s challenging, and “challenging” is fast becoming off-limits in modern Hollywood. I don’t think anyone in the industry has ever actually articulated it the way I just did. I don’t think there’s an actual policy about posters not being too original to distinctive. I think it’s just a natural thing. The other day I read a headline saying they were rebooting the Pink Panther series—again. And I cringed. Then I read the actual article, and it turns out they’re leaving Clouseu out… it’s going to be about the CARTOON Pink Panther. And I breathed a sigh of relief. And that is sad.


    1. Then, just now, I read they’re making a Goonies sequel, and I take back everything I said in my last post. I’ve been waiting for a Goonies sequel for a long, long time.


    2. You know one thing that has gotten better? Credits. Credits have become an art form while posters are left to suffer so I don’t think it is a conscious malfeasance so much as just plain laziness. I was watching the credits for Cap 2 thinking how cool is this and then all the other movies with great credits I’d seen lately flooded my mind. I think it should be an Oscar category, as do I poster and trailer or one Oscar for Marketing with a each a three part component.


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