NBC Cancels Community After 5 Seasons; NBC 2014-2015 Schedule Decisions.


I can’t think of any other show that’s been as misunderstood or mistreated by its network than Community.  Rather than embrace the fact that they have a show with a rabidly solid fan base, NBC constantly interfered with, tinkered with and stacked the odds against our plucky gang of slackers from Greendale Community College.  The show’s quality only dipped with NBC fired Dan Harmon, the show runner after season three, only to relent and hire him back after season four.  I think even die-hard Community fans saw this coming with Donald Glover and Chevvy Chase leaving the show this year, but it’s still sad.  “Six seasons and a movie” was a dream that will remain unrealized unless we can Kickstarter it onto another network.
NBC also cancelled “Growing Up Fisher,” “Revolution,”  and “Believe”.  It renewed, for reasons passing my understanding, “About a Boy” (managing to ruin both a favorite movie and book of mine).  “Hannibal” was also renewed for a third season, and it looks good for “Parenthood” to get a final, full season order (though that seems too good to be true, so stay tuned)

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