Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards Will Direct the First Star Wars Spin-Off Film!

Godzilla Movie Premiere

We knew we’d start hearing about the spin-off’s, but Lucasfilm dropped a bomb when they announced that red-hot director Gareth Edwards will be helming the first ever non-episodic Star Wars film.  Edwards, whose Godzilla opened huge last week, will be returning to do a sequel to the blockbuster, but not before traveling to the realm of Star Wars to tackle a yet-to-be announced standalone film.

The film will be released on December 16, 2016, so it looks like these are going to be Christmas releases, which I love.  I love that every year for Christmas I’m going to get a new Star Wars film.  I also tend to think that this is NOT the Boba Fett film.  Lawrence Kasdan has been writing that script and they pointedly announced another screenwriter.  This would negate the Hasbro Leak that we’ve been mulling over this week.  If I had to guess, I’d say Han Solo or Yoda; most likely Han.  They might even get Ford to do flashbacks if necessary if they do that one first so that’s my bet.

I’m excited that Disney is going out and getting young, pumped film makers instead of just recycling names.  Edwards sounds like he’s walking on clouds.  Abrams has been super enthusiastic with Episode VII and you need that kind of passion.  Find the directors who grew up idolizing these films and give them a chance to play in the sandbox.  I’m very intrigued by the choice and I’m so pumped that all this Star Wars is coming up SO SOON! Continue reading Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards Will Direct the First Star Wars Spin-Off Film!

Trailer Time: Big Hero 6 Teaser #1 (2014)

When I’ve been saying How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the only animated hope we have this year, Big Hero 6 keeps slipping my mind.  It’s a partnership between the red hot Disney animation team and the even hotter Marvel Comics team so I’m excited to see what they come up with.  This first teaser is freaking adorable.  I’m looking forward to seeing this when it debuts on November 6th. Continue reading Trailer Time: Big Hero 6 Teaser #1 (2014)

Killing Time – May 22, 2014

killing time

“Tomorrow will be more hopeful than this awful
piece of time we call today.”
~ Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) 

 Midway through MOVIE MAY MADNESS things have been overall disappointing.  Godzilla was fun in a niche way (unfortunately not really my niche), but Neighbors and AMS 2 tanked.  I’m hoping a strong finish with X-Men and Maleficent will get the year at the movies going.  Right now: it’s The LEGO Movie and Cap 2 and then a ginormous chasm between them and the rest of the field.  The fall is particularly weak too, so I’m already looking ahead to next year and Episode VII, myself (though I am looking forward to Guardians and The Hobbit and a few others).

Killing Time milestones this week: The site roared passed 83,000 hits and is on track to be our biggest month ever.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and even more so for those that comment and take part in the discussion.  I really appreciate you guys more than you can know.  Combining all the different ways you can follow KT, we passed 1,000 followers this week and that just blows my mind.  Thank you for coming along for the ride.  Truly.

We did get another new country this week (number #170 for those scoring at home)!  French Polynesia pwned Greenland and joined the Killing Time Family of Nations (not a thing) and as is tradition, let’s slap a flag up on the screen for them!

The most viewed post of the week was ….sigh….The Despicable Me 2 Review.  Again.  Seriously.  Why?  Why?  Why does this one article have double the hits of the second highest scoring article in the history of the site?  WHAT DID I DO SO RIGHT THAT ONCE!?!

Also, if you’ve been following the MARCH TO 100K Gamerscore below, I’m under 2500 left and we’re entering the summer gaming desert so if you’re on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, friend “sleeplessdave” and help me get to my six-figure gaming dream!

The Time Traveler’s Almanac by Various
The Three by Sarah Lotz
Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson

Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Volume 2: Prisoner of Bogan
Ultimate Comics Avengers Omnibus by Mark Millar
Brightest Day Vol. 2 by Geoff Johns

Blu Ray:
The Wolverine (Extras)
The Verdict

Game of Thrones Season Four
House, MD Season Two
Covert Affairs Season Four
Arrow Season Two
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season One
The Blacklist Season One

Song of the Week: “Desire” by Ryan Adams

Video Game: GAMERSCORE AT 97,513
Child of Light (this is fantastic for RPGers)
Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year
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THE ROAD TO 100,000 GAMERSCORE: 2,497 to go!

Trailer Time: Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor “Make Them Your Own” Trailer (2014) PLUS Pre-Order and Gameplay Details

Releasing just one week before Batman Arkham Knight is my second most anticipated game of the fall (which is looking to be a packed gaming season) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.  The kind of AI learning and variability this game promises is something that I can’t wait to get my hands on.  Plus, it takes place in a region of Middle-Earth we’ve never gotten to explore very much in video games because of it being a blasted wasteland by the time Lord of the Rings occurs.  I can’t wait to range through Mordor when the game releases on October 7, 2014.

Continue reading Trailer Time: Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor “Make Them Your Own” Trailer (2014) PLUS Pre-Order and Gameplay Details

REMINDER: Vote for Your Favorite Star Wars Lightsaber Duel!

Darth Maul, Qui Gon Jinn, Liam Neeson, Ray Park, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
Good morning, KTers! Just a reminder that you have less than a week to vote for your favorite Star Wars lightsaber duel of all-time. The voting is a four-way race. Only four duels have been deemed worthy of votes so far, and it’s even 2-2 between Original and Prequel duels. If you have a favorite you can vote at the KT homepage (https://justkillingti.me) and be part of crowning the GREATEST DUEL OF ALL-TIME!!!