Edgar Wright OUT as Director of Ant-Man!

Ant-Man, Edgar Wright
In a turn of events that can only be described as “shocking”, Edgar Wright is out as the director of Ant-Man.  This is a film he co-wrote and was hired by Marvel to develop and direct back in 2008!  That’s six years of work to walk away from based on  the standard “creative differences” line that’s currently coming from both parties.  This is extremely unsettling as Ant-Man is close to principal photography and is the lead off film for Phase 3 of the MCU.  Wright did such a fantastic job with adapting Scott Pilgrim that I thought he’d be perfect for this.  I cannot imagine what went this wrong. Continue reading Edgar Wright OUT as Director of Ant-Man!

Top 5: War Movies

Top 5

This weekend it’s Memorial Day here in the States and we remember those who fought in wars foreign and domestic so that we might enjoy the freedoms we have today.  The war movie has been a part of film since the beginning.  A staple of cinema through the early 1970’s, the genre virtually died off until it was redefined and revolutionized by one of the most important films ever made: 1998’s Saving Private Ryan.  Continue reading Top 5: War Movies