Trailer Time: Exodus Gods and Kings PLUS Three Posters (2014)

The first trailer is out for Ridley Scott’s Christmas Biblical epic Exodus : Gods and Kings (does Moses really need a subtitle?).  Along with the trailer are three new one-sheets for the film featuring Moses and Rhamses.  Scott also announced today he plans a King David Biblical epic that he will probably produce rather than direct.  Exodus is scheduled to open December 12, 2014.

Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Exodus Gods and Kings Moses, Christian Bale, Exodus Gods and Kings Rhamses, Joel Edgerton, Exodus Gods and Kings

Trailer Time: Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer #3 (2014)

During yesterday’s 17 minute preview, the session closed with this extended look at the film.  This is going to be fun, guys.  August 1st.
Guardians of the Galaxy

8 New Guardians of the Galaxy Pictures from Marvel

Guardians of the Galaxy

Still riding high off of my preview of 17 minutes of Guardians goodness yesterday (click here for a review), Marvel has released 8 more HD photos from the film.  Having seen….12% or so of it, I cannot wait to see the other…wait….arrrgh math is hard. Continue reading 8 New Guardians of the Galaxy Pictures from Marvel

My Favorite Scene: Amistad (1997) “Adams Before the Court”

Amistad is one of Steven Spielberg’s flawed ventures.  Ultimately good, the film never rises to the heights that it should given the incredible source material: Africans, captured as slaves, rising up to overthrow their captors en route to America, then put in chains while the legal system decides whether they are men or material.  While the movie as a whole isn’t flawless, this scene is.  Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of former President John Quincy Adams (the only President to return to serve in Congress after being President – factoid) is masterful and deserved the Oscar nomination it got.  The culmination of the film is Adams argument before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Africans and it is one of the great movie speeches of our time.