Sons of Anarchy

Trailer Time: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 (2014 F/X) *Season 6 Spoilers*

SOA was a party I came late to, picking it up in season four.  It’s easy to dismiss it as just a show about a biker gang, but it’s so much more.  Taking Hamlet and setting in the context of this contentious motorcycle gang has produced something unique and completely addicting.  Season 6 ended with a heart-breaking shocker and Season 7 (the show’s final) looks like the ending in Charming won’t be any happier than it was for Hamlet in Denmark.  Sons of Anarchy returns to F/X on September 9th.

3 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 (2014 F/X) *Season 6 Spoilers*”

    1. I want to know why sutter. At the very end can’t bring back Tara for shock value? Everyone would shit and it would be unexpected..Please don’t have Jax killed. He’s been thru hell all his life…And let him know Tara did not rat him out..bring her back…..


      1. I honestly don’t have any idea how they’re going to end this series, but losing the characters they did at the end of season six…I can’t see Jax getting out of this alive. The show has pretty much been Hamlet on Bikes, and if you equate Jax to Hamlet, it doesn’t look good for him. Killing Tara pissed me off so badly, grrrr.


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