My Favorite Scene: Dead Poets Society (1989) “Oh Captain, My Captain”

We continue to pick scenes from the late Robin Williams’ best works with 1989’s Dead Poets Society.  This is, in my opinion, Williams’ best film.  His unorthodox English-teaching methods exhort his students to seize the day and to love words.

The right words, strung together can lift the spirit to unmatched heights.  The wrong words, strung equally effectively can destroy a life.  Words were Williams’ business and he relished concocting ways to use them in ways that had never before been used.  He wasn’t a wordsmith.  He was a word alchemist.

Trying to pick one scene out of this film is nearly impossible, but-after thinking-I had to go with how the transformed students bid Mr. Keating farewell.  It seems fitting given the circumstances.

2014 Emmys – Winners and Billy Crystal’s Tribute to Robin Williams

The Emmys have a long history of making me throw things even more than the Oscars do, so I normally do not watch them, but since this was Breaking Bad’s last year, I caught the show.  Seth Meyers did a nice job hosting.  Matthew McConaughey took no end of abuse for encroaching on television.  The night’s highlight, though, which I’ve included above, was Billy Crystal’s moving tribute to his friend Robin Williams.

Modern Family won Best Comedy for the FIFTH straight year and Breaking Bad dominated the night, as it should, winning Best Drama, Actor, Writing and Supporting Actress.  Full list of the awards handed out at the ceremony below courtesy of the AP. Continue reading 2014 Emmys – Winners and Billy Crystal’s Tribute to Robin Williams

Check Out Hawkeye’s New Costume for Avengers: Age of Ultron

New duds for the Avengers archer in Avengers: Age of Ultron!  You can compare the above photo from the original Avengers promos with the below set picture that shows what Hawkeye will be sporting when Ultron comes to town.  This is obviously much more of a nodd to the original purple, blue and black of Hawkeye’s traditional costume without needing to stick a big H on his forehead (seems like a good target is all I’m saying).  Like everything we’ve seen so far for Avengers 2, this looks great and I can’t wait to continue the Marvel Cinematic Universe saga on May 1, 2015.Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye, Avengers Age of Ultron

POLL: What is the Best Marvel Movie Thus Far?

Just a reminder to vote in the Best Marvel Movie Poll.  With a few days to go, four movies are battling it out for #1.  Someone also might throw Iron Man 2 a pity vote….   At any rate, vote at  The winner will be announced around Labor Day.
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