Top 5: Scenes From The Dark Knight

Top 5Once a month in the Top 5 column, we do a little something different.  Moving down the IMDB (International Movie Database) Top 250 films, we’ll name the top five scenes (in chronological order) from films so good that our regular “My Favorite Scene” column can’t do them justice.  You can see our first effort with #1 on the IMDB 250 – The Shawshank Redemption – by clicking here , our #2 – The Godfather by clicking here, our #3 – The Godfather Part II  – by clicking here.  Today we look at one of my favorite films of all-time #4 The Dark Knight. Continue reading Top 5: Scenes From The Dark Knight

Steve Rogers Story Will End in Cap 3! Will There Be a New Cap?

Captain America The Winter Solider

There have long been rumblings that Chris Evans wants to retire from the MCU, maybe even acting, after his contract is up.  He’s contracted for two more Avengers films and Captain America 3, which is already scheduled for 2016.  The Russo Brothers are returning to direct the third film, which is fantastic news after they delivered, in my opinion, the best Marvel movie yet.  In making press round promoting the Blu Ray release of The Winter Soldier, they talked a little about Cap 3.  (Though they did not address the rumors coming from Jeremy Renner that Hawkeye will be in the third Cap film.)

The first draft of the script is done, we will be seeing The Winter Soldier again, and they basically said that Caps 2 &3 could be looked at as two halves of a larger arc that leaves things open for the shield to be passed.  There’s a history of people other than Steve being Cap (in fact Sam Wilson – Falcon – is about to become Cap in the comics).  Transitioning to a new Cap is going to be a lot easier than transitioning to a new Iron Man.

With Iron Man and some of the characters that will be much more difficult to recast, I think you’ll see them transition off the revolving membership of the Avengers and fade to the background for a while as other Phase 2 and Phase 3 characters step forward.  This will allow Marvel time to retool, recast and reintroduce the core characters down the line.  The full article and comments from the Russos is below.  Captain America 3 is currently scheduled for a May 6, 2016 release. Continue reading Steve Rogers Story Will End in Cap 3! Will There Be a New Cap?