Trailer Time: The Equalizer Trailer #2 (2014) Plus New Poster! Denzel is Back!

I don’t know if this is going to be raised any higher than some of the rote Denzel movies we’ve seen from him, but it’s never boring him watching him dominate the screen.  This kind of looks like “What if Shaft worked at Home Depot?” but the trailers have been compelling.  The Equalizer opens wide September 26th.
Denzel Washington, The Equalizer

Walking Dead Season 5 Poster: Hunt or Be Hunted

Tally-ho, Dead Heads!  We’re about five weeks away from season five of The Walking Dead.  I just binge watched season four so I’m all caught up.  I thought the second half of season four was as strong as the show’s been since the first season.  Really enjoyed the individual character episodes leading to Terminus.  AMC today has released the official poster for The Walking Dead Season Five: Hunt or Be Hunted.  Given where we left Rick & Co., I think the folks in Terminus are going to seriously regret the welcoming they gave them. The Walking Dead returns on October 12, 2014.Walking Dead Season 5, Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln