My Favorite Scene: Breaking Bad Season 5 (2013) “Say. My. Name.” *Series Spoilers*

I just got finished re-watching Breaking Bad from pilot to finale, and – I have to say – this is the most consistently good, well-plotted show I’ve ever seen.  It’s not my favorite, though it’s up there, but in terms of NEVER being off, this show is just stellar.  It’s the first TV show to get two seasons honored in this column (Season 4 here).  DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP IF YOU AREN’T AT SEASON FIVE YET!  I’d feel horrible ruining ….what I can’t mention.  Breaking Bad is really a long series of consequences to some incredibly poor decisions.  By season five, Walt has made the full journey from mild-mannered chem teacher to Heisenberg the Drug Lord.  Not many actors could pull this scene off, but Cranston’s acting during the entire series is so good that I can’t give it enough words of praise.  Perfect show.  Great scene.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you have your Netflix assignment for the week.Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad Season 4, Meth, Bryan Cranston, AMC, Aaron Paul, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman

EXTREME Spoilers From the 2nd Draft of Star Wars Episode VII *BE WARNED*


I wonder if JJ Abrams is gleefully just feeding false information to Latino Review just for kicks and giggles.  The publication once again has a slew of rumors and these from one who has read the new Abrams/Kasdan script.  There is NO way to discuss any of this without spoiling things so STOP NOW AND GO BACK if your eyes must remain pure. Continue reading EXTREME Spoilers From the 2nd Draft of Star Wars Episode VII *BE WARNED*