Jurassic World Director Tweets Interesting Picture

familiar-image-from-the-set-of-jurassic-world (1)
Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow released the above photo to fans to celebrate the first day of autumn, but it also has Jurassic Fanboys wondering if this is a big plot clue.  This is the sign from the Spielberg original Jurassic Park that points the way to one of docks, run over by Wayne Knight’s Dennis Nedry in his not-terribly-succesful escape effort.  When he’s eaten by the dilosophosaurus they go back and linger for a few seconds on that Barbasol can with all the dino DNA in it and when they first announced The Lost World, I thought that was the obvious start to the sequel (and would have been a much…much….much better one).  JP4 or Jurassic World starring Chris Pratt will come out June 12, 2015.