Trailer Time: The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer #2 (2014) LAST EVER MIDDLE EARTH TRAILER

I remember the first teaser trailer for The Fellowship of the Ring; the awesome shot of each of them cresting that peak on the journey to Caradhras.  I was dazzled by the thought that every person in this room was soon going to know these characters as I had since childhood.

Today the last trailer for Peter Jackson’s EPIC Middle-Earth saga comes to the screen and I’m actually kind of melancholy.  Not because of the quality of The Hobbit films, which I very much stand in defense of, but because….this is it.   I don’t get to go back.   I feel like the ones left watching the boats sail off into the silvery mist in Return of the King.  I can’t wait for this and simultaneously I always want there to be more  I guess it’s not really over until B5A’s Extended Edition, but the end of a legendary film making epic is nigh,  I have quibbles, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see the level of love and commitment given my favorite fantasy universe and I’ll love Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens, Fran Walsh and the thousands who made it happen forever and giving me this gift.  One last good-bye opens December 17th.

4 thoughts on “Trailer Time: The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer #2 (2014) LAST EVER MIDDLE EARTH TRAILER”

    1. It was originally going to be a two-film adaptation of the book (really that period of ME more than the book), but they had so much stuff going on that the decided to take it to three films. The original title for this film was “There and Back Again” which I like much better than “The Battle of the Five Armies”. That smells like a studio note change.

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