My Favorite Scene: Blade (1998) “Blade vs. Deacon Frost”

Most people will credit the beginning of the Marvel renaissance of comic films to 2000’s X-Men.  That’s true, in part.  The X-Men was a big hit and paved the way for the upcoming years when we’ll have six to seven comic book movies a year: minimum.  The first real modern Marvel movie though, was 1998’s Blade.  It was a gigantic success at the box office, but it developed a huge cult following on video and paved the way for two more sequels.  I think what Blade showed Marvel was even more important than what X-Men did.  It told them they had THOUSANDS of characters and if you did them right, if you stayed true to who they were – there was an audience for that.  Sixteen years later we get the highest grossing movie of the year featuring an anthropomorphic raccoon and tree.  I’m not saying Blade is a great film.  It’s NOT.  It is, however, seriously over-the-top vamp blasting action with Wesley Snipes at his….Snipiest.  Cheers, Daywalkers.


One thought on “My Favorite Scene: Blade (1998) “Blade vs. Deacon Frost””

  1. I never thought of it that way, but you’re right.

    Blade is an awesome movie. The first sequel is terrific too. I’ve been known to enjoy some ridiculous vampire movies like From Dusk Till Dawn and John Carpenter’s Vampires, but a guilty pleasure is always trumped by a full-fledged pleasure.

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