Reverse Top 5: Movies To Cheer You the Frick Up

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A reverse top 5?  What’s a reverse top 5?  A reverse top 5 would be where I make you people do the work and help me out for a change.  I’m going to be honest: I’m struggling.  Movies on the weekend were kind of my wife’s thing so there’s already that against me.  Grief is such a weird thing.  You become this schizoid version of yourself, flipping through emotions.  One moment you’re fine, then someone walks past wearing the same perfume your wife did and your friends are hauling you off the railing where you are preparing to bid this sad world adieu somewhere between Auntie Anne’s and Manchu Wok in the food court.  It happens that quickly.  I’d love to tell you when it slows down so that I don’t have to worry about hulking out into an angry diatribe against God, man and Elmer Fudd.  I’d love to tell you when you’re stable enough to hear someone mention anything your wife liked without inflicting the world’s saddest story on the person unlucky enough to be geographically next to you.  I’d love to tell you.  I don’t know.  I have functional days and days where I’m a fuzzy sack of emotional pudding.

So what movies do you have for me?  Step up here.  Help your crazed news hound out with some suggestions for a smile and keep in mind I own two replicas of Aragorn’s sword so this is a serious situation here, fellow pale friendless nerds.

One thought on “Reverse Top 5: Movies To Cheer You the Frick Up”

  1. Amalie…

    This French film about a young woman who starts doing good deeds for strangers started prompting actual people in France to do actual good deeds for strangers.

    Mr. Hulot’s Holiday…

    This old French comedy is one of my favorites.

    Much Ado About Nothing…

    Have you seen Joss Wheadon’s low-budget black-and-white version of this? It’s my favorite film based on a Shakespeare comedy. Of. All. Time.

    A Town Called Panic…

    This surreal French animated film has been called Toy Story on acid. It runs out of steam before it’s over, but it’s absolutely cheerful and delightful.

    MST3K: Catalina Caper…

    Are you a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000? This episode was always one of my favorites. The movie being scrutinized is good-spirited in the extreme.


    A good-natured alcoholic in a small town has a 6 foot tall white rabbit for a friend. No one else can see it. And the rabbit is more convincing than all the CGI creations in the universe, because James Stewart believes it’s real, and the force of his conviction sways you. That’s the essence of storytelling.

    I’ll talk to you after new year’s, my friend.


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