Last night, Game of Thrones debuted select episodes in select IMAX theaters and along with the awesomeness of seeing Westeros on an IMAX screen, fans were treated to the first trailer from season five of Game of Thrones.  The fifth book in George R. R. Martin’s fantasy series (and the last one he’s managed to finish) is called A Dance with Dragons.  The fifth season has been integrating the fourth and fifth books since as far back as the third season.  It keeps getting better and better and I will have to find some way of acquiring HBO again so I can see the premiere of season five on April 12, 2015 at 9 p.m.  And I have to say… looks fantastic!
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Movie Review: Boyhood (2014) *Is this the Next Best Picture?*

Boyhood, Ellar Coltrane, Samantha Linklater, Ethan Hawke

When the Oscar nominations were announced, most people were befuddled.  They didn’t recognize more than perhaps one film on the list.  I’m including me.  That’s how jacked up 2014 was.  A film critic reads over the nominations and says, “What in the seven hells is Whiplash?”  While I still haven’t seen Whiplash….or met anyone who has….at all, I’ve seen the movie that got the most early Best Picture Oscar buzz: Boyhood. Continue reading Movie Review: Boyhood (2014) *Is this the Next Best Picture?*

Jaw Dropping 20 Minutes of Cinematics from The Elder Scrolls Online

Sorry if the posting has been a little light.  I’m traveling through the Old Dominion and will get things up as best as I can.  While I’m gone, you could spend the whole time watching this 20 minutes of cinematics that Bethesda released yesterday to hype people for Elder Scrolls Online.  I’d completely written the game off because I don’t play fee-based games, but Bethesda has dropped the monthly fee requirement and I am in.  If it’s anything like Skyrim, this blog may end as I’m sucked into the time hole that is The Elder Scrolls.  The PC version is already out and Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners can get their hands on it June 9th!  Yes!  A summer non-Madden game of substance!

Killing Time – January 29, 2015: “Travel, Chris Pratt and the Secret of the Gummi Bears Cartoon”


Top of the morning to you, time killers.  I am at this very moment (depending on when in the timestream you read this) blowing time in Pittsburgh International Airport headed south to the Old Dominion.  The TSA and I continued our long-standing tradition of things that are TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT…..yep, full body screen and pat down.  Two hours early for my flight so you’re getting a bonus post today (wait til the next one!). Continue reading Killing Time – January 29, 2015: “Travel, Chris Pratt and the Secret of the Gummi Bears Cartoon”

Trailer Time: The Fantastic Four Trailer #1 (2015)

This is not going to work….and quite honestly I don’t want it to.  Even though they’ve already scheduled a sequel for it, everything I’ve heard or seen about this film makes me wince.  Dr. Doom is now Viktor Domashev?  I want it to fail, not out of any animus toward those making the film, but the Fantastic Four really belongs in the universe Marvel has created for their cinematic characters.  The X-Men I can stand being alone because there’s so many of them.  The FF should come home.  The reboot will hit theaters August 7, 2015.

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